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How Much Maury Can One Esme Watch?

20 Feb

Enough to have a ‘Maury Name Of The Day’ contest with a fellow blogger on Facebook, and be depressed when I saw nothing good on today’s episode. Cath, I have failed you. But I have seen some interesting names on Intervention….

Fab Mom may have come to the rescue, for a while at least. She called me the other day and told me she signed me up for Netflix. Why? She couldn’t stomach seeing my ‘Maury Name Of The Day’ posts anymore. For whatever reason, I am forever grateful.

The first thing I did (and I’m still at Loverboy’s), was add The Walking Dead to my instant queue. I am NOT a zombie fan. I didn’t sleep for two days after watching Dawn Of The Dead. So why am I doing this to myself? Loverboy is a die-hard fan, and I was intrigued after watching an episode with him. And damn it if I don’t feel the need to catch up from day one. I’ve watched two episodes so far, and I’m convinced there is a zombie in the closet upstairs. I keep hearing a very loud, very long creaking noise. I refuse to text Loverboy while he’s at work, so I will make him shoot the zombie in the head when he gets home. I did learn how to kill a zombie!