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Another Beautiful Night!!

28 Oct

So who cares if I have put dating completely on hold the last couple of weeks.  It’s all been worth it because…

THE CARDINALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild card win.

Comeback from Game 6 deficit.

A team that plays well together.

Walk-off solo home run by Freese.

A phenomenal hitting coach.

A fantastic manager.

All of this equals…

11 World Series titles.



Love, Esme


A Beautiful Day

28 Oct


Girls, it’s an awesome night. Why is that Esme, you ask. Well, I will tell you.

The Cardinals just forced a game seven!! Rally Squirrel!!! Aaahhhh!!

I aged ten years watching that game…

Love, Esme

I. Love. Sports.

23 Oct




I love sports.  I really do.  I probably should be a dude in that respect.  I’ve had guys stop dating me because I corrected their incorrect sports stats.  Pussies.  I’ve had guys get mad because I want to go watch Da Bears play on Sundays at our local sports bar.  Pussiesx2.  M once told me that I would never find a guy who would put up with my sports fanaticism.  Pussyx100.  I’m not saying someone needs to be as in love with sports as I am (even though it would be nice), but they do need to appreciate the fact that my day and/or night may revolve around my team being in the World Series.  Or the fact my team may be working for Lord Stanley’s favor.  Or anytime the great franchise that was once ruled by the great Ditka  is on TV.  (Ditka versus a hurricane…who would win??)

These guys just need to learn how to DEAL.

Favorite Kings player EVER-Kelly Hrudey.  Uh-May-Zing.

It’s Rally Squirrel time!!

Daaaaaaa Bears Da Bears Da Bearsssssssss.I am IN LOVE with my Blackhawks.  Just…in love.  Hey look…I do have the capacity to love!!  And I don’t even have a ‘Hawks jersey…I need to rectify that one!

Much love, Esme.