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Update On Yours Truly

3 Sep

Hello all in Blogland,

I have so much to write about, and so much to catch you guys up on.  I am still in my convalescence (always wanted to use that word) and for the most part can’t form a coherent thought, much less a paragraph that can make sense.  I try to write  little bit, but it doesn’t make much of an impression when I read it later on.

I am still feeling the effects of the meningitis.  I have been in and out of the hospital on quite a few occasions.  I have had some horrible mood swings.  Happy one minute, crying the next.  And this disease really couldn’t have come at a worse time.  I was supposed to start school this week, and have been unable to do so.  So, that hasn’t helped my mood swings much.  Brain swelling sucks.

Poor Nice Guy has been on the receiving end of my hysterical phone calls.  God bless him, he has handled it like a pro.  I really wish he lived closer…I truly miss him.  Doctor will send a text every once in a while asking how I am doing, but doesn’t seem to take much of an interest.  Not sure if that is fact or just my perception.  There is a new guy in the mix as well…let me see if I can get this across in a lucid manner!

Throughout all of my moves in the last 6 months, I have kept up my online dating profile.  I have made some friends off of it, and friends are never a bad thing.  About a week ago I received a message that said:

Hope you had a great day, Safety

I was a guest at the hospital that night, and wrote back:

I’ve had better, Esme

I have to say, I did not expect to hear back from Safety (so named due to his response when I asked what he did for a living).  But he surprised me.  He wrote back almost immediately.  After a few days of e-mailing, he offered up his phone number.  He assured me he wasn’t crazy, wasn’t a stalker, that he was a normal guy and wouldn’t texting (we could hold off on the phone calls until I was comfortable) be easier?  Since I am kinda heading back to my old-fashioned upbringing, I responded with my phone number.  I don’t make contact first.  I’m starting to take my Grandma’s words to heart.

5 minutes later my phone dings.  It’s Safety.  I actually got a little giddy.  When is the last time that happened?  Here is just a little bit of a background on Safety:

He is in his mid 30’s.  He used to be a firemedic, but now works in ‘safety’ (my guess is FBI, CIA-he can’t discuss his job/or he is a total bull-shitter).  He has an 11 year-old from a previous marriage.  He married his high school sweetheart, and was divorced 2 years later.  He hasn’t dated anyone seriously in 4 years.  He travels A LOT for his job, as in we won’t be able to meet face-to-face for 2 weeks.  He says he can choose not to travel, but has never met someone worth giving it up for.  He has sent me a couple of self-taken cell-phone pics, and if I had a type he would be it.  Dark hair, muscular with some meat on his bones, sexy smirk.  We will see what happens.  Like I said, we won’t be able to meet for a couple of weeks.  It could all fizzle out before then.

Well, my pain meds are kicking in, so I better sign off before I begin to ramble incoherently.   My docs say it could be two weeks to two months before I start to feel back to normal again.  I say normal is a relative term…but not having a headache every minute of the day would be nice…

Love, Esme