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Need To Release Aggression!!

3 May

I had a great Saturday night…Jadyn, Jake, and Kacie came over to kick off my birthday month.  Jadyn and I regaled Jake with stories from high school (Kacie was not yet there).  He truly realized that my friends and I were a bunch of goody two-shoes back then.  I tell people, but they never believe me.  Sigh.  When did I become so untrustworthy? *wink*

Sunday…not so good.  In fact it was down right fucking horrible.  I felt like I was a little out-of-control.  Monday, same thing.  But by Monday afternoon, things were a little better.  Today I kept low-key, and tomorrow Jake and I are going to go tear it up at a baseball game.  I am getting this birthday month back on track…bitches…

As I said above, Sunday was bad-understatement-Sunday was out of fucking control.  I have something going on in my life right now that shouldn’t be an issue…which is what makes it worse.  And the fallout from this event could, in fact, turn to violence.  None, absolutely NONE, of this is anything I started.  I am tired of being a fucking punching bag to a particular person.  I have decided to be pro-active instead of reactive.  And this particular person in fucking pissed.  Tough shit cock-bag.

Since this particular person has a history of being violent, I am being careful.  But still proactive.  So late Sunday night I pick up the phone and called my Navy SEAL friend.  SEAL, I said.  You know how we are going shooting on Friday?  Well…can we add a self-defense lesson as well?  He asked me what was up, and I gave him a quick rundown of the days events.  I told him that I did indeed have a fear of being attacked, and it has been two years since my last self-defense lesson.  On Monday SEAL called me with an update-We will hook you up, babe.  A couple of us will help you out.

As I write this, I hope that meant a self-defense lesson…

I am really looking forward to Friday.  I have a two-hour range time.  I am getting, what I am sure is tantamount to, a hand to hand combat lesson.  I am going to be physically exhausted, sore and bruised.  And I can’t wait.

Love, Esme