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23 May
OK everyone…Let’s give a warm welcome to my girl Jadyn!
Hi all! This is Jadyn and as Esme alluded to I may pop in and write from time to time to make us bi-coastal. So I’ll just jump right into a story that I recently shared with her about a fantastic weekend trip to Vegas!

It was time to get away for some much needed R&R and where better to head out to then Vegas? A girlfriend and I who I go with every once in awhile decided it was a great way to spend Easter weekend, so we hopped in the car and drove to Vegas with nothing planned other than some gambling, bar hopping and laying out at the pool…

We got to Vegas immediately started drinking, grabbed some dinner and then I went to hit the tables. A few hours of gambling and flirting with all the guys at the table-some married, none of them my type. Finally, this guys walks up and takes the seat next to me. Man is he hot! Tall, shaved head… just the right amount of muscles… yummy. Well he sits down and his knee happens to rub up against mine so I leave mine right where it is 😉 We start talking and since we are both losing he suggests we go do something else… me! I’m like hell yeah! So I, of course, play it slow. Sure, I say.
We get up from the table and he says Do you have a room here? Yeah a suite (it’s how I roll…bitches…) He said Let’s go. I’m in! He’s said By the way I’m …. I didn’t quite hear his name. It was Kevin I think? It doesn’t really matter so Isaid I’m Jadyn and we head upstairs. We hold hands and make out in the elevator. We get to my room and start tearing each other’s clothes off… he stops for a second and says “I told you about my fee right?” I tell him HELL NO-get out (please…I’m too gorgeous to pay for sex!)… he says I’m kidding! So we keep getting naked.. man is he big… and have awesome sex for about an hour…
My friend calls just as we are finishing I tell her I ran up to the room for something, I’ll be right back down. Kevin-I-think and I got dressed and headed back downstairs. I didn’t see him again that trip… we’ll see if we run into each other again sometime.
Love, Jadyn

How The Bday Month Is Coming Along

10 May

So I went shooting on Friday…and I am pretty good.  I didn’t start out good, though…

The first gun I shot was a .45 SigSauer 226.  Wow, does that thing have some kick!  Once I got used to the kick, once I got the stance, and once adrenalin stopped coursing through these arteries, I did pretty well.  I was able to group the shots where I wanted them, and I was comfortable with the weapon.  I then shot a 9mm SigSauer 220.  I was expecting a recoil, didn’t get much of one, and had to relearn how to regroup the shots.  (I shot all over that damn target…whoops…)  I did become comfortable with the weapon, and my mojo was back.

I switched back to the .45, and annihilated the target.  I rocked that shit!  Bulls-eye, bulls-eye, bulls-eye.  I once more shot the 9mm, and SEAL brought out a human-shaped target.  He placed it at 25 yards, and moved it forward 5 yards after two rounds.  I fired 50 rounds like this.  The result?  I only missed the target 3 times.  And out of the 47 left, 44 were kill shots.  So yeah…don’t fuck with me…

That evening I was supposed to meet super-hot SEAL for a self-defense lesson.  Sadly, this did not happen.  Shit.  And I can’t tell you why.  But he gave me some advice over the phone, and told me to find a program after I move.

I went out with Jake, Jadyn, and some other friends on Saturday night.  Oh man it was a good time!  Jadyn, poor thing, had to go kind of early.  Jake and I stayed and talked with some other friends at the bar, and then went out for food afterwards.  I’m going to miss that guy.  In the theros of my drunkeness, I laid my head on Jake’s shoulder and he played with my hair.  It was such a comforting moment, and I needed it.  The restaurant was conspiring against me.  It kept moving, fucking with my equilibrium.  Ass-hats.

Birthday month took a break while I was dealing with some legal matters.  But in the end I won, bitches, so it veered back on track.

The next few days are going to revolve around packing, and getting ready to leave.  Wednesday night is my last Girl’s Night Out.  Jake is going to join us, and Carmen, so should you!!!  Nothing like saying goodbye in my favorite dive bar.  I may cry a little…fuck…

Much love, Esme

I mean…seriously?

29 Apr

So last night BCM called me.  Out of the blue.  Left a message and everything.  Does he really think he is such a catch that he has to keep coming around?  This is the guy who 1-told me I was too cool a girl to ever be a girlfriend and 2-girls with tattoos are whores.  I’M the catch, I’M aware how awesome I am, too bad YOU didn’t figure it out until now.  Fuck off.

Next month, somewhere in May, is my birthday.  I will be a year better.  I think it will probably be the last year I can say I am in my early 30’s.  So I am having a birthday month.  Yes, you read that right.  MONTH.  Whoo-fucking-hoo!!

Next week I am going shooting.  I am so excited.  A friend of mine, who I met in my tac-med class, is taking me for my birthday.  He asked me what I wanted to shoot, I told him hand guns.  I already experienced the joy of automatic weapons…time to move forward.  AND…here is the best part…he is bringing with him an amazingly hot Navy Seal friend of his.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  I may be moving soon, but that does not mean I can’t appreciate one of God’s greatest gifts to woman-kind.  SIGH.

If I can figure out how to do it, I am going to add an administrator to the blog.  My girl Jadyn has regaled me with so many dating stories as of late, I told her she must post on Love, Esme.  So keep an eye out…you may be able to read about dating stories from two separate cities!  A dating of two cities?  A tale of two datings?  I really need to be more creative…

Much Love, Esme

I Am Aaalllliiiiivvvvvve!!!!!

5 Mar

Hello skanks. I am alive, yes. Out of the hospital, but not quite clear from needing surgery. That will be determined in a few weeks. But for now, I am on the way to being back to my moxie-filled self.

While I was in the hospital, I was on a strict jello diet. Jello three meals a day, all I could eat. And apple juice to drink. Guess who lost over five pounds? Aaawwwww yeah…this, of course, haas made me weak as hell. Oh, how we suffer for beauty.

A few of my great friends kept me from jumping to my death from my second story window (don’t laugh, I could have manipulated the fall). My beautiful friend dilaudid. Oh, how I love you. 🙂 Jadyn, you sexy son of a bitch. Jake, you handsome gay man, you. Kacie, I heart your face. Oh, and my family. Yeah you guys too!

So! I’m out (for now) and semi ready to roll. So what’s on the docket for tonight? Jadyn and I, and I still can’t believe we are doing this, are going to a dating event tonight. Yes, you read that right. Its a lock and key event. The first thing I asked when she told me about it was ‘Do I have to fuck someone?’ After she stopped rolling on the floor, she assured me it was not a sex party. I get a lock, and some dude in the room had the key to unlock the lock. If we aren’t interested, I go get another lock. It’s a two-plus hour event. I figure what the hell…if anything it will make a great blog entry. Look what I am doing for you bitches..groan…

So, time to go get ready. My arms look like I am a heroin addict thanks to the numerous IVs. My skin is a little rough looking because some douche vag nurse touched me with latex. What’s not to love???

Much love, Esme

A Great Date…I Think…

12 Feb

So for the record, I did rock the ponytail  😉

As I was crossing the bridge to the next city to meet my date, my phone rings.  Hey Esme, I am going to be 5 minutes late.  I am so very sorry.  It’s OK, I replied.  I will see you when you get there.

I arrive to the restaurant a little early (Ugh…I fucking HATE arriving early!  I thought it would be harder to find a parking spot.)  I walk in and decide to get a table after seeing the people come in behind me. (I have been told by a guy friend of mine that this is rude…that I should wait for my dates.  I never do.  Rude?  Yes or no?  I always figure if I am going to get stood up, then I will at least get a drink out of it.)

True to his word, my date arrives 5 minutes late.  (Let’s name him…Jake.)  Jake walks in wearing jeans and a button down shirt.  Yay, he looks nice!  He tried!  He is taller than me!  Looks-wise, he is not the kind of person I am normally go for.  But he is cute, and he smiles a lot, and he makes eye-contact.  And he didn’t make one inappropriate comment.

Throughout dinner, we talked about all of the things every ‘dating expert’ tells you not to.  Religion (raised the same as me), politics (liberal like me), sex, and stalkers (we each have one-but his is a WAY better story!).  I talked more than I ever have on a first date.  I felt pretty comfortable with him, which if y’all know me, is saying a hell of a lot.   Suddenly, there is a knock at the window…it’s my girl Jadyn!  Checking up on me?  Making sure this isn’t another wanna-be date rapist?  I smile and wave back, then explain to Jake that we girls are protective of each other (although I am sure she was just out meeting a friend ;))

Our dinner was done, and our drinks were almost finished.  It was apparent neither of us wanted the date to end.  We were both amazed that we were sitting across from normal people, and voiced as such.  I sighed, and said we should discuss a light-hearted topic, so we could end the date on a happy note.  Jake said ‘Let’s go bowling’.

And we did.  About a block away there is a place, and the best way I can describe it?  A Chuck E. Cheese for adults!  It’s like a Dave and Busters.  There are games like skeeball, and big bar in the center, and 8 lanes of cosmic bowling.  (Note to self…never wear those damn heels again if I may have to walk even a little bit.  My feet were fucking BURNING by the time we got there!) We bowled three games, and I lost every one.  I was not on my game, that’s for sure…I have never bowled so bad in my life!  But Jake was barely any better, so we were pretty evenly matched.  He would give me five if I had a good frame.  I made sure to touch his arm or back every once in a while.  (Wow, it has been a long time since I have had to do the whole ‘hey I have an interest in you so I better do little things to make sure you are aware of it throughout the night before I voice it at the end of the date’ thing.  It’s a little exhausting…) Our bowling time came to an end, and he walks me the block and a half back to my car.  Remember how I said my feet were burning?  I think I cried a little when I put those damn heels back on.  And when we stood at the street corner waiting to cross, I was shifting my balance repeatedly.  He gave me a funny look, so I admitted that we women suffer for great looking legs.  At least he laughed.  We get to my car and I give him a kiss on the cheek and a long hug.  Jake said he will call me (I fucking hate that…I feel like it’s the kiss of death.)  I told him I had a great time, and I would love to see him again.  He chuckled a little bit, and said again that he will call.  Then he was on his way.

So that is where I am at.  For the first time in a long time I didn’t want to walk away by the hour-and-a-half mark.  I shared information about myself.  I broke my rules…we will see if anything comes of it.  I actually hope this one calls…

Much love, Esme