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Happy Halloween! I Never Should Have Watched That Movie.

31 Oct


That cat just cracks me up…

So yesterday, in honor of the holiday, I decided to put on my big girl panties and watch a scary movie.  Alone.  At night.  In my house.  So very alone.  I hate scary movies.  With a passion.  I seriously dislike being scared.  I like thrills…like rollercoasters, adrenaline rushes, etc.  But if someone jumps out and scares me, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.  Most of the time I punch…it’s a reaction…

I’ve really been wanting to see 1408.  My brother had assured me that it wasn’t scary, and if I happened to get scared-it was irrefutable proof I was a pussy.  So after the sun went down, I started a fire in the ‘place, and settled in for the movie.  Here is what I learned, a la Thoughtsy

  • I never should watch a scary movie.  Alone.  At night.
  • If your radio spontaneously plays ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’, you better damn well believe you’ve only just begun.
  • I should always listen to Samuel L. Jackson.
  • The only way to kill evil spirits is to burn them.  Which makes absolutely no sense to me because there is nothing to burn…
  • Alcohol helps us deal with everything.
  • Evil spirits know how to use Skype.  We are all screwed.
  • John Cusack does not age.  Maybe because he keeps living the same hour over and over again?

So after I was done watching this, several things happened in my house.

  • I paused live TV, which I can do, but it kept unpausing itself.  THAT has never happened.
  • I was using my microwave when the lights suddenly went out on the display.
  • My brother called me a pussy.

I do not believe in ghosts, but I am now convinced I live in a haunted house.  I asked Will to pay for an exorcism, and he told me to lay off the heroin.  I’m so glad I can count on him if I become possessed…

Lesson learned.  No more scary movies.

Love, Esme