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Bachelorette Party!

22 Jul

Hi all its Jadyn again ūüôā

So I was talking to Esme about an amazing night with the girls over the weekend and she thought I should share it with all of you!

A friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks so we headed downtown to wreck it!¬† We started out hanging out in the hotel room and watching the bride open her slightly wicked presents (they totally could have been dirtier)¬†all the while the drinking had begun.¬† We hit the vodka hard and got ready to head out the door!¬† Being in great spirits and extremely loud we strutted thru the lobby in our little black dresses while we caught the eye of just about everyone we passed.¬† We hopped in the¬†town cars since that is how we roll and showed up at the awesome ’20s themed bar where immediately I had my first bar stalker… a bouncer who showed up every few minutes to say hi or whatever.¬† We hit the bar grabbed some Absinthe¬†(yummy!) and passed out the bar bingo cards.¬† These were kinda awesome but more of a what do you see kinda deal…¬† needed way more action for a bachelorette¬†party but you make do with what you have!¬† We hit the dance floor all the while punching out our bingo cards.¬†

Visable¬†thong…. check.¬† A toast….. check.¬† A bartender… check.¬† A public make out… nope hadn’t seen one yet.¬† So we walked back into the bar area and there is this threesome all holding hand but you could tell the 2 guys were an item and the girl was just there so what do I do in all my boldness?¬† I walk up to the guy closest to me… show him my bingo card and say I need a¬†public make out.¬† This is where it gets awesome!¬† The other guy jumps out of his seat grabs me says I’m the guy and proceeds to make out with me…¬† its awful one of the worst kissers¬†ever!¬† I’m sitting there trying to figure out how to end it and he keeps on going… and going… and going… and when he finally pulls away all I can say is thank you.¬† My friends all got pictures none of us expected it to go that way but that’s how I roll ūüôā¬† Picking up gay guys and making out with them in front of their boyfriends!

My bar stalker showed back up shortly after that and of course said he could have done it for me instead… yeah not so much!¬† We found a cool group of people to hang with for a while and after a night well spent headed back to the hotel.¬†

We get back get out of the cars and there is this hot guy who we somehow ended up taking pictures with he even put on the bride’s tiara for a few of them.¬† We then hit the after party in the hotel lobby (there was a club in the hotel)¬†where we danced with the hot guy for about a second and then headed up to our rooms.¬† It was an awesome night not quite on a hangover level but there are some pictures that got deleted!

Love, Jadyn