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Yours Truly Is Back…

6 Feb

What’s up hookers??  How have all of you been?  I have missed you guys…reading your stories, sharing mine with you.  But I am fucking back.  And I have a picture to share with you:

Yep…that’s me.  Shooting an M4.  Be afraid…be very afraid…all of those douchebag dudes better take note!

I had the most AMAZING time at this 2-week course.  I met some great people, got a few leads on some jobs, and won a little money in the casino.  You can’t beat a working trip like that.  You just can’t.  I could talk for hours about this class…it was a tactical medic course designed mostly for the military.  I was so damn fortunate to wind up in it.  I have been asked to write an article for an EMS magazine detailing my experience as a civilian going through the course.  I think I just may…

I never did hear from Dude again, and I think that is better.  I don’t think I could be nice right now…what a fuck-stick.  I am all for booty calls, you all know this…but not when I have to be up in FOUR FUCKING HOURS.  Negative.

I have the opportunity to have a date this week.  I may do it for shits and grins…and a free drink.  Why the fuck not??

Guess who I heard from while I was in my class??  Mr. Hottie.  He was telling me how much he misses sex with me.  Awww…go fuck your fiancée.  But it does make me feel good to know he can’t quit me.  Hahaha!!!

One question for my loyal readers out there…Nice Guy had a date this weekend that just went horribly fucking bad. I asked him why he didn’t end it long before that.  He said women can do that, but men just can’t.  I disagree…is it wrong for a dude to say ‘Hey, I am not feeling this, so peace?’  I don’t think so.  Why waste everyone’s time?  And he spent a fucking fortune on this date.  Completely unneccessary.  Agree or disagree?  Discuss…

Much love, Esme






23 Jan

I wish I had free internet here so I didn’t have to do this on my phone…but guess who is coming to visit me in Vegas?? Dude! Remember him? We went out on the date…the honest guy? From somewhere in Latin America? For one night only…this is going to be phenomenal…

Love, Esme

Starting The New Year Off Right

4 Jan

I am so freaking pissy right now…my computer is on the fritz!  I am using a friend’s laptop right now, so this will be short and sweet…

I haven’t seen Dude again…yet.  Our schedules aren’t working out too well!  But the promise-and hope-is there.  I, of course, will keep all of you skanks updated on my sex life, as it is what I do 😉  I am still appreciating Dude’s honesty.  It is such a fucking turn-on.  Especially when he is honest in that sexy accent of his…good lord…

I may, or may not, have another date tonight.  This guy has proven to be pretty damn flaky so far, and we all know that Esme just has no tolerance for this shit.  Either shit or get off the pot.  Seriously.

Ex-BF is trying to make another entrance.  DENIED.

And there is one more…not sure where it is going, if anywhere…but stay tuned.  Not much to write about yet!

Much Love, Esme

He Isn’t Crazy!

31 Dec

Sup bitches?  I am feeling particularly snarky today…be forewarned…

My date last night actually went really well, especially given the fact I met him online and I have no luck with this kind of thing.  He was a spicy Latin-American soccer player with a sexy accent I will refer to as Dude.  He was drafted to play pro way back when, but he would have had to move.  So he turned it down.  He still has managed to make soccer his career…good for him!

Dude and I met at a local restaurant for a drink.  Well, he drank, I ate.  I was fucking starving. I am not one of those shy women that will not eat in front of a guy.  Fuck that.  Hungry equals food.  I ate.  But to be fair, I had every intention of paying for my food.  That just isn’t cool.  He paid anyways.  What a great fucking guy…

We hit it off right away.  He was good-looking, he had a great smile, and a phenomenal personality to match.  Right away we started laughing.  I told him I always wanted to learn to salsa, he said let’s do it.  He said he wants to learn to be more outgoing, I said let’s do it.  You can tell that neither of us were quite sure if we felt a ‘spark’, and we both were very vocal about it.  But we were enjoying each others company, and that was good enough for us.

We (I) finished eating and went to a dueling piano bar.  Have you ever been to one of these?  Holy shit…if not, make the time and fucking GO.  It is so much fun!  We had a beer, we laughed at the players/singers, and had a good time.  There was no awkwardness, no pressure.  It was great.

We called it a night after we each had a beer.  As he walked me to my car, he spun me around and kissed me.  Quite the romantic move…I wish I could explain it better!  A good kisser…but we got confirmation…no spark.  Sexual chemistry?  Check.  Relationship spark?  Nope.  And to his credit, he voiced it right away.  Thank all that is fucking holy…I met someone who doesn’t do the game playing bullshit as well!!!!

Dude said that I was a great kisser, and he really enjoyed it.  He said he thinks we are going to make great friends, and that he is going to hold me to the salsa dancing lessons.  He then got a wicked gleam in his eyes and said he thinks we can also have a lot of fun in the bedroom.  And the way he said it in that sexy accent of his…I don’t doubt it’s true!

We will see what happens.  I am just happy he seemed normal. And I am optimistic that I had a great time…makes me think it may not be so bad this time around??  Who the fuck am I kidding…I got lucky. But whatever.  If anything, I just made a new friend…possibly one with benefits…

Much love, Esme