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I mean…seriously?

29 Apr

So last night BCM called me.  Out of the blue.  Left a message and everything.  Does he really think he is such a catch that he has to keep coming around?  This is the guy who 1-told me I was too cool a girl to ever be a girlfriend and 2-girls with tattoos are whores.  I’M the catch, I’M aware how awesome I am, too bad YOU didn’t figure it out until now.  Fuck off.

Next month, somewhere in May, is my birthday.  I will be a year better.  I think it will probably be the last year I can say I am in my early 30’s.  So I am having a birthday month.  Yes, you read that right.  MONTH.  Whoo-fucking-hoo!!

Next week I am going shooting.  I am so excited.  A friend of mine, who I met in my tac-med class, is taking me for my birthday.  He asked me what I wanted to shoot, I told him hand guns.  I already experienced the joy of automatic weapons…time to move forward.  AND…here is the best part…he is bringing with him an amazingly hot Navy Seal friend of his.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  I may be moving soon, but that does not mean I can’t appreciate one of God’s greatest gifts to woman-kind.  SIGH.

If I can figure out how to do it, I am going to add an administrator to the blog.  My girl Jadyn has regaled me with so many dating stories as of late, I told her she must post on Love, Esme.  So keep an eye out…you may be able to read about dating stories from two separate cities!  A dating of two cities?  A tale of two datings?  I really need to be more creative…

Much Love, Esme


No AG Time :(

23 Mar

So we tried moving heaven and fucking hell to make it happen…no dice.  The day we were supposed to *ahem* fuck, the county was burning the fuck down.  Fire after fire after fire…poor AG got called in on his day off.  Which left my fire burning…and no one to wet it.  Sooo…I boarded a plane frustrated out of my goddammed mind.  SIGH.

Since I have been back, I have heard from BCM, which did surprise the hell out of me.  Work isn’t going well for him, and he just called to complain.  No mention was made of getting together.  No mention was made of going out.  Nada. I did go out on a limb, and texted him later.  I simply wrote ‘If it makes you feel better, I missed you a bit’.  I got back a smiley face.  SIGH.

In other news, I am scheduled for a cystectomy on Friday.  Yes, it has flared up again…with a painful vengeance.  I told the doctor enough is enough, and she agreed.  Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get to meet up with AG…probably would have been painful.  Fuck it.  I would have risked it.  SIGH fucking SIGH.

Love, Esme