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I’m A Bad Girl. Bitches.

21 Jul

That’s right.  I’m a featured Bad Girl.  Click the pic above to head on over and read all about me.  Show the love.

Love, Esme


Friday Follow For My Bad Girls

15 Jul


Head on over to Bad Girl Bloggers to sign up, read some great blogs, show some love, gain some followers.  Who doesn’t like feeling loved??  Naked is even better when it comes to the ‘luv biz’.  Go enjoy!!

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Wicked Wednesday

15 Dec

What’s up Bad Girls!

Skanks!  I have returned to Wicked Wednesday after a few week hiatus.  I suck, I know…blow me.

This week…my theme song.  I covered this pretty well a while ago, but if I had to choose one song, I choose this one:

Love love love  fucking love it.  I love being wrong, because sometimes it just feels so damn right. And let’s face it, sometimes we just need to do what feels good.  But it is only worth doing if you are going to celebrate the FUCK out of it in the end.

I can listen to this song a hundred times a day…

Much love, Esme

Wicked Wednesday: Top Ten

3 Nov

What’s up fellow bad girls?  This week I get to give a top ten list…any top ten I damn well please.  I have thought about it…and here it is.  My top ten list.

Top Ten Women I Most Admire (Surprising, no?  Read on…some may actually surprise!)

1.  My Grandmother.

  • This woman was truly an amazing woman, and was taken from this world way too early.  She was a war bride, eloping with my grandfather during WWII in San Francisco in a little chapel that no longer exists.  She was in the WAVES, and her and my grandfather both were married in their military uniforms, one of my favorite pictures!  My grandma gave birth to six children, and raised them mostly on her own, thanks to the war.  Six children gave way to 17 grandchildren, and countless great-grandchildren.  My grandmother always had words of praise for everyone and warm cookies in the oven.  She went to school plays and graduations.  She told dirty jokes and had a wicked sense of humor.  Above it all, she stayed true to herself, to her husband, and to her marriage.  She wanted nothing but happiness for her family.  The best thing about my grandmother, however, was the bad girl streak she had hidden in her.  She was fiercely protective of her family.  If she didn’t like you, she made it abundantly clear.  I want that talent…

2.  My Mom.

  • For obvious reasons.  And as I get older, and she gets more open, I believe my mom may have been one of the original bad girls.

3.  Sharon Osbourne.

  • I LOVE HER.  This is one woman who just doesn’t take anyone’s shit.  Did you watch the reality show Charm School on VH1?  When she beat the shit out of the blonde slut for talking crap about her husband?  Sharon told her something to the effect of ‘You can say what you want about me, but you don’t talk shit about my family’.  I also love that she will just say what she is thinking.  Your feelings be damned.  She just has a take no prisoners attitude.  It’s fucking great.

4.  Khloe Kardashian.

  • I never thought I would say that…EVER.  Me, like a Kardashian?  But I really like the spunk of Khloe.  She talks like a fucking sailor-even calling her sister’s fiancée a ‘douche-lord’.  She doesn’t seem to care about impressing the rich people of Beverley Hills.  She struggles with her weight and doesn’t care who knows about it.  She also speaks her mind.  I think she is so beautiful, because she could be any one of us.  And I love that she embraced her wild streak-even when she met the love of her life.  Khloe met Lamar, knew she wanted him, and married him in no time flat. Nay-sayers be damned!  You go with your bad self!

5.  Katharine Hepburn

  • ‘If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun’-from Ms. Hepburn.  We all know she was an actress back in the 30’s, what some people don’t know is she was a wild child.  She carried on a long-term affair with Spencer Tracey (who was married and would not divorce his wife because he was catholic), liked to swim naked (a big no-no), smoke (another no-no), constantly broke the rules and refused to conform to society’s and Hollywood’s standards.

6.  Elizabeth I

  • She ran a country all by herself…alone…without a man…when everyone told her she couldn’t.  AND she did a damn good job.  Enough said.

7.  Esther, from the Book of Esther in the Bible

  • I don’t remember too much from this story, as I am not much up on my bible stories as of late, but I do remember the premise.  Esther was chosen as queen of this country, without the king knowing her Jewish ancestry.  Esther’s cousin/father’s life was in danger, and she told her husband, putting her own life at risk-for when her husband, the king, found out about her ancestry her own life may have been at risk as well.  Her husband saved her cousin/father’s life, and even allowed the Jewish community to defend themselves against future threats.  I admire women who stand up for what they believe in-no matter the consequences.

8.  Mae West.

  • Love love love Mae West.  Not only does she have some of the greatest quotes, but this woman did it all, saw it all, and had no problem telling it all.  Mae started her career in Vaudeville, revues, and risqué plays-one called Sex. Mae had censorship issues, and even served time in jail on morale charges.  She was a supporter of gay rights and the woman’s liberation movement-which back then was a big fucking deal.  She was an incredibly sexy woman who wasn’t afraid to use her looks and sex appeal to get what she wanted.

9.  I have an amazing friend I will call A.

  • She doesn’t know this blog exists, so she won’t ever see this.  I met her in my domestic violence group.  She was the only other person, besides me, that was going through a divorce.  All of the other women were still in their marriages, and looking for ways to stay in their marriages.  A had a long road ahead of her, a long up hill road.  And she has faced it with grace, determination, and courage.  And she has succeeded.  Better than I did, I think.  I raise my glass to her.  A, you fucking rock.  You…are my hero.

10.  I have another friend I will call J.

  • And she does know about this blog, and may read this!  J is the one person who knows all about the various men/boys that parade in and out of my life.  She knows about the randoms, the emotions, and the emotionless.  I can be completely honest with her about everything…and we all need one of those.  There are no judgements…just maybe a ‘girl are you fucking CRAZY?’ look every once in a while.  What else do I love about J?  She is the one person I know that is completely comfortable with who she is, inside and out.  Now, we all say we are.  We all say ‘I love myself’.  But J actually LIVES IT.  If someone doesn’t like something about her, she kicks them to the curb.  She will never compromise who she is for ANYONE-guy or girl.  J is the most honest person with herself I know.  I strive for that.  I LOVE YOU BITCH!!!

There you have it…my top ten list of women I admire.  Probably not quite what you were looking for when you clicked on over here…but even I like to mix things up every once in a while!

And a big THANK YOU to all of my new readers as of late…I really hope you have enjoyed what you have been seeing!

Love, Esme



Guest Posting

1 Nov

Today I have a guest post over at those lovable skanks, the Bad Girl Bloggers.  Go check it out.  Now.  Because it fucking rocks.

Much love, Esme