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Back To Dating

9 Feb

I have been talking to a couple of guys online, and one is coming to fruition.  I started talking to this particular guy before I left for Las Vegas, and we continued to stay in contact throughout my trip.  He finally asked me out for this Wednesday.  As in today.  (insert negative noise here).  Wednesday is girls night hookers!!  I have to go meet my girls Jadyn and Alexia.  So no, Wednesday just won’t work.  I told him it had to be Friday, and he was down.  So Friday it is.

I am actually a little excited to meet this guy.  He lives on his own (BONUS), he has a job he loves (BONUS), and he has already been through therapy.  WHHHAAAATTTT??? Yes, I love a man who is man enough to say to himself ‘I have had some shit go down, and I need some goddamned help’.  I think it puts less drama on the relationship, if a relationship does indeed persist.  I tried to get my ex to go through therapy, and he repeatedly told me it was a ‘pussy move’.  Look at the pot calling the kettle black…

Anyways, I am a little excited.  I am not necessarily happy with meeting on a Friday night, but I don’t get the ‘I’m just down to fuck’ vibe from him.  We all know, however, that dudes can hide this shit pretty well.  He picked the meeting place (OH MY GOD you mean I didn’t have to do that for fucking once??  UH-MAY-ZING!!  He may just be a keeper already!) that is halfway between our respective places.  So far he seems…caring.  And understanding.  And just plain nice.  Stay tuned for this shit…because he will either be a serial killer, or I will fuck this shit up.  Hey, at least I am honest 😉

Stay tuned!

Much love, Esme