35 by 35

A lot of my fellow bloggers have lists they would like to complete by the time they are a certain age.  While I can’t do a 30 before 30, I can have a list of things I want to have completed by the time I am 35.  So voila! 

1. Meet some fellow bloggers in the land of sin in 2012.

2. Own a handgun.

3. Shoot said handgun on a regular basis.

4. Take Gracie Jiu-Jitsu lessons.

5. Tell a certain someone I L-WORD him.  Done on August 11, 2011.  And I don’t regret it.

6. Become 100% financially stable.

7. Take American Sign Language lessons.

8. Get an expensive haircut and look like a million bucks. (Preferably from Tabatha Coffey’s salon, but any renowned salon will do)

9. Actually wear my little black dress.

10. Get a second tattoo.

11. Take a road trip with a girlfriend.

12. Travel to a tropical location and see that clear blue water.

13. Go to a personal stylist, or someone else that can finally show me how to dress for my body.

14. Finally run that 5K race.

15. Go visit NYC and pay my respects to my fallen brothers.

16. Start wearing some of the fabulous jewelry I own.

17. Go on another mother/daughter trip with my phenomenal mom.

18. Become published (Submission sent to JEMS magazine for my tac-med class May 2011)

19. Take a pole dancing class.

20. Get back on an ambulance.

21. Become an advocate for abused women.

22. Teach, or help teach, an EMS class.

23. Read a biography on one of history’s bad girls.

24. Do something sexually that is out of my comfort zone.

25. Take dancing lessons with a guy (friend or otherwise).

26. Try my hand at archery again.  I loved it as a child!

27. Learn to play ‘You Were Meant For Me’ on the acoustic guitar.

28. Visit New Orleans.

29. Carry my camera and start taking pictures again.

30. Get involved in a charity.

31. Get a dog.

32. Go to the Opera.

33. Let myself love.

34. Let myself be loved-without doubts.

35. ???


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