My Birthday

8 May

So yesterday was my birthday, and it passed without much fanfare.

Loverboy had me over last night.  Him and his boys made me dinner, gave me a cake, and gave me a present.  It was honestly very nice, and relaxing.  I haven’t had a birthday cake in four years, so I was incredibly touched by my little round cake with my name on it. I received a camera, which proves to me Loverboy listens when I talk (for the most part).  I mentioned several weeks ago that my camera crapped out, and haven’t mentioned it since.  He got me an adorable little red camera that fits in my purse, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  All-in-all, a successful night.

You know the saying ‘It isn’t official until it’s Facebook official’?  Loverboy brought up the fact that neither of us has changed our Facebook status.

E: I don’t really feel the need to.  I could give a fuck if Facebook world knows I’m dating.
L: Well, I don’t much care, either.  But I got asked about it the other day.
E: And?  Are you going to cave under the pressure?  (I smiled as I said this.  I felt like I should’ve had this conversation in junior high!)
L: I’m just saying, its been six months.  Maybe it’s time?
E: (I was full on laughing at this point.  Not mocking him, mind you.  But the look on his face was adorable.)  OK, just because you asked.  If you want to say something, I am OK with it.

And say something he did.  The amount of friends he has that commented was over-whelming.  It seems a great many of them have been waiting, and wanting, for him to meet someone ‘great’, ‘cute’, and ‘wonderful’.  Many I have yet to meet.  I’m amazed how many people he knows that wish for him to be nothing but happy.  It’s so nice to see.

Love, Esme


2 Responses to “My Birthday”

  1. My Dating Hangovers May 8, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Well my dear, after the interesting turn of events this weekend, I’m so happy to hear that your birthday turned out to be such a pleasant surprise.

    I guess we have to give Loverboy a pass for his erratic and asinine behavior BUT let that stil be a little something in the back of your mind and we’ll hope, as I said before, he was pms’ing. Bad.

    See, this is the beauty of writing a blog sharing your experiences and while you’ll certainly withhold certain details about a relationship, you at least have your sounding board for episodes, you know?

    Keep pressing on bad girl! I thin you’ve got something here. 🙂

    • Esme May 9, 2012 at 8:20 am #

      And sometimes, a girl needs those sounding boards to get through those WTF moments! 🙂

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