Heard Over The Last Few Days

2 Dec

E: I was worried that having sex was going to change things.
L: What would it change?

L: What do you want for Christmas?
E: Nothing.
L: Nothing?  There must be something.
E: Nope.  If you want to do something for me, we can go somewhere.  But no gifts.
L: Umm…OK?

L: Your hair is curly?
E: Umm…yes.  How have you not noticed?
L: I wasn’t looking at your hair.
E: What were you looking at, my boobs?
L: No silly, your face.

E: Some snarky comment about something L said.
L: Did you just really say that to me?
E: Laughing
L: Well, I guess I met my match.

E: I could kiss you for hours.
L: OK!

It’s all so…gaggy.

I just made that up.  But so far, it’s also awesome.

Love, Esme


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