Medic Take Two

14 Jul

Following Medic and mine’s night of awesomeness, we didn’t talk to much.  I am sure I boggled his mind being the coolest chick ever.  Not only that, but I got injured at work, my mind has been pre-occupied with other men, he has been going through more training, etc.  Just a bad couple of weeks time wise for the both of us.

The last couple of nights I would get texts from him.  Hey Esme, what are you up to?  We would chat for a little bit, I would invite him over, and he would ultimately say no.  So whatevs.  His loss, and I really wasn’t that wrapped up in it.

Last night started out the same way.  Only I didn’t invite him over.  He mentioned it, then retracted.  (I think I actually scare him, which cracks me up.  I may be too much woman for him…)

I responded with: Listen Medic.  You are more than welcome to come over here.  I have been pretty bored, I could use the company and the companionship.  I promise I won’t jump you if that is what you are looking for.
Medic: I will come over.  And don’t make promises neither of us can keep.
Esme: Shit, I can keep my promises.  If you can’t, that’s not my problem.

He showed up about 40 minutes later, which allowed me enough time to shower.  I smelled like bug spray and it was making me nauseated.  And…I thought I’d be prepared.  Just in case.  I’m like a fucking boy (girl) scout.

Medic arrived in gym shorts and a t-shirt…looking damn sexy.  I am in my recent uniform of yoga pants and a tank top.  I have since figured out how to put my hair up without crying, so I at least looked put together.  He gave me a lazy smile as his eyes roamed my body.  I gave a lazy smile back and started walking upstairs.  I swayed my hips a little more than necessary, letting him appreciate what I have to offer.  As I turned the corner into my room, I made sure my girls looked good.  I may have promised to not jump him, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t make him want to jump me…

We watched a few episodes of South Park, and caught each other up on our lives.  We laughed at some of the ridiculousness in my life, and I praised him for the recent accomplishments in his.  He finally stood up, pulled the covers back on my bed, and said he wanted to get comfortable.  I climbed into bed next to him, and snuggled into his side.

Esme: I’m glad you are here, Medic.  I missed talking to you the last couple of weeks.
Medic: I missed you too, Esme.  But I’m here now.

I lifted my head and smiled at him.  He leaned in and kissed me.  Oh my god it was heaven.  Especially after kissing Fighter.  Medic had soft lips and a delicious taste.  He kissed slow, licking my lips, kissing my collarbone.  He explored my body with his hands, and told me how much he enjoyed it.  He let me lay back and just enjoy the sensations.  I wasn’t even undressed yet and I was a puddle on my mattress.

I have always said that prefer to NOT have one-night stands.  While I think they definitely serve their purpose, I don’t feel you get the best performance from your partner on night one.  And I was proven completely 100% right last night.

Medic ran the gamut during our one-and-a-half hour sexfest.  Slow and passionate to rough and dirty.  And I welcomed each and every change.  I am a big fan of sweaty animalistic sex, and he did not disappoint.  Just thinking about it is turning me into a puddle all over again-God he was great at talking dirty.  (I love it when a man isn’t afraid to take control in the bedroom, without crossing my line to degrading.)  Medic’s number one concern was my pleasure.  First and foremost. I did not expect that from someone so young, and it was absolutely phenomenal.

By the time it was over I was a sweaty, tired, happy mess.  He gathered me in his arms and asked me if I enjoyed myself.  What, like he couldn’t tell??

Esme: Aww…Medic!  Do you need confirmation that you were wonderful?  Feel the sheets…they have to be washed.  And I have never been happier about having to do laundry.
Medic: *chuckling* It did seem that you had about 100 orgasms.  And THAT is what is wonderful.

He gave me a few more kisses.  I pulled back just a little and whispered upon his lips: For the record, you jumped me.  I kept my promise.

He laughed, pulled me in tighter, and that is how we fell asleep.

Much love,


5 Responses to “Medic Take Two”

  1. Simm July 19, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    OH YUM x 1000!! Sexy sexy sexy! I like the medic, regardless of his age! Being happy in the moment I find is the best feeling and they go further then you know it 😉

    • Esme July 19, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

      I definitely was happy in the moment 😀 And even as I sit here and remember it, I have a big stupid grin on my face.

    • Esme July 19, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

      The only problem with Medic is he tends to freak out for about a week afterwards. I blame THAT on his age.

  2. MyDatingHangovers July 20, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Disclaimer: I have become an Esme obsessed freak since I’ll be responding to several posts, but am just catching up on my reading.

    Damn girl, you and Medic sound like a library of You Porn movies (not that I know anything about that site), I mean your escapades are hot. The details? Love them. All I need is to have Rescue sitting beside me while I’m reading about your sheet-damaging romps.

    What’s cute is that you remind us (and yourself), that you’re the type of chick most men would dream of having. You’re busy and often they’re just as busy if not more, so this situation with you two is a great relationship of convenience and services.

    All he needs to do is not fuck things up; men are normally the ones who do.

    I’m glad he’s been able to open the gates to release the flood waters. Literally and figuratively.

    • Esme July 20, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

      We all know men have a way of fucking up things *eyeroll*. It’s only a matter of time. I am just glad I have the x-rated memories for the female version of my ‘spank bank’. 😉

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