23 May
OK everyone…Let’s give a warm welcome to my girl Jadyn!
Hi all! This is Jadyn and as Esme alluded to I may pop in and write from time to time to make us bi-coastal. So I’ll just jump right into a story that I recently shared with her about a fantastic weekend trip to Vegas!

It was time to get away for some much needed R&R and where better to head out to then Vegas? A girlfriend and I who I go with every once in awhile decided it was a great way to spend Easter weekend, so we hopped in the car and drove to Vegas with nothing planned other than some gambling, bar hopping and laying out at the pool…

We got to Vegas immediately started drinking, grabbed some dinner and then I went to hit the tables. A few hours of gambling and flirting with all the guys at the table-some married, none of them my type. Finally, this guys walks up and takes the seat next to me. Man is he hot! Tall, shaved head… just the right amount of muscles… yummy. Well he sits down and his knee happens to rub up against mine so I leave mine right where it is 😉 We start talking and since we are both losing he suggests we go do something else… me! I’m like hell yeah! So I, of course, play it slow. Sure, I say.
We get up from the table and he says Do you have a room here? Yeah a suite (it’s how I roll…bitches…) He said Let’s go. I’m in! He’s said By the way I’m …. I didn’t quite hear his name. It was Kevin I think? It doesn’t really matter so Isaid I’m Jadyn and we head upstairs. We hold hands and make out in the elevator. We get to my room and start tearing each other’s clothes off… he stops for a second and says “I told you about my fee right?” I tell him HELL NO-get out (please…I’m too gorgeous to pay for sex!)… he says I’m kidding! So we keep getting naked.. man is he big… and have awesome sex for about an hour…
My friend calls just as we are finishing I tell her I ran up to the room for something, I’ll be right back down. Kevin-I-think and I got dressed and headed back downstairs. I didn’t see him again that trip… we’ll see if we run into each other again sometime.
Love, Jadyn

One Response to “Jadyn!!”

  1. thoughtsappear May 23, 2011 at 6:39 am #

    Nice to meet you, Jadyn!

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