Yours Truly Is Back…

6 Feb

What’s up hookers??  How have all of you been?  I have missed you guys…reading your stories, sharing mine with you.  But I am fucking back.  And I have a picture to share with you:

Yep…that’s me.  Shooting an M4.  Be afraid…be very afraid…all of those douchebag dudes better take note!

I had the most AMAZING time at this 2-week course.  I met some great people, got a few leads on some jobs, and won a little money in the casino.  You can’t beat a working trip like that.  You just can’t.  I could talk for hours about this class…it was a tactical medic course designed mostly for the military.  I was so damn fortunate to wind up in it.  I have been asked to write an article for an EMS magazine detailing my experience as a civilian going through the course.  I think I just may…

I never did hear from Dude again, and I think that is better.  I don’t think I could be nice right now…what a fuck-stick.  I am all for booty calls, you all know this…but not when I have to be up in FOUR FUCKING HOURS.  Negative.

I have the opportunity to have a date this week.  I may do it for shits and grins…and a free drink.  Why the fuck not??

Guess who I heard from while I was in my class??  Mr. Hottie.  He was telling me how much he misses sex with me.  Awww…go fuck your fiancée.  But it does make me feel good to know he can’t quit me.  Hahaha!!!

One question for my loyal readers out there…Nice Guy had a date this weekend that just went horribly fucking bad. I asked him why he didn’t end it long before that.  He said women can do that, but men just can’t.  I disagree…is it wrong for a dude to say ‘Hey, I am not feeling this, so peace?’  I don’t think so.  Why waste everyone’s time?  And he spent a fucking fortune on this date.  Completely unneccessary.  Agree or disagree?  Discuss…

Much love, Esme





6 Responses to “Yours Truly Is Back…”

  1. nikki04 February 7, 2011 at 7:12 am #

    Ugh. Getting out of a bad date sucks. Especially if he’s droppin’ cash. I’m with you, Esme, I think we should all be able to be honest and say how we feel. Would make the world much easier – and we can all get over ourselves and be ok with hearing that up front. However, it’s hard to do – a lil white lie works well. A “hey, gotta get up early/forgot about this AM meeting I have…”

    Nice pic, lady. Hot shit.

  2. Simmarah February 7, 2011 at 7:27 am #

    FINALLY YOU ARE BACK!!! I’ve been dying without you! You look hot as fuck, holy shit girl!

    While I think it’s not rude to just say “I’m not feeling this”, I think a few subtle hints throughout the evening should foreshadow an early night. Why drag it on? Woman or man, both need to realize that time is precious!

  3. Carmen February 7, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    back!!!! So much in this one update, so let me try to make it brief:

    1. Rock on! You look like a true professional in that pic and youre right- what an awesome learning experience, so add this shit to your dating resume of “this is why I’m a cool chick”!

    2.The Dude sounds like a prick, so as long as you got some good stuff before suffering from sleep deprivation, his purpose was served. Probably isnt worth the key strokes to mention any further.

    3. Uh… Gotta go back and read up on Mr. Hottie

    4. Paying for a crappy date? I say hell no, if it isnt going well, he should have just said it and bounced. You say he spent a shit load of money too? Was this a 2 or 3 part date or did he do something stupid like plan an extravagant event the first time around?

    Personally, if the date is going that bad, I’ll likely pay my own tab and just politely excuse myself and never come back.

    Hope you have a great week and next time your butt better get the blog app on your phone so you dont leave us hanging so damn long! Lol

    • Esme February 7, 2011 at 11:18 am #

      Blog app downloaded 😉

  4. DressySJP February 7, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    the only thing im missing is me shooting a gun on my blog…dangit! great intimidation 😉

  5. Eyes Up Here February 7, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    I LOVE love LOVE shooting.. wish I could go out more often. Glad you’re back and I agree. dude sounds like a grade-a asshole. Hmm makes me wonder if I’ve gone out with his brother… sounds so similar…

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