So Wasn’t Expecting That One!

11 Jan

So I was coming back in from a run when the phone rang…We are on our way to pick you up tickets to the hockey game get dressed bitch be there in five minutes aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!  I wiped myself down, put on some deodorant, threw on some new clothes and my hockey jersey and was ready to rock when they pulled up.  That’s how this bitch rolls.

I told you that to tell you this…I was on my way home from the game when my phone dings.  It is someone I met a number of months ago when I tried online dating when I first moved here.  We have kept in sporadic contact, however just never met.  Let’s meet for a drink, he says.  Now.  Why the fuck not, I respond.  C’est la vie.

Now, I did not expect this guy to be normal.  Nope, didn’t even cross my mind.  I still didn’t shower…no time.  I didn’t even remember what he looked like.  If anything, I was getting out of the house, maybe a free drink, and hopefully good conversation.

When a tall drink of GORGEOUS walked over to where I was sitting at the pub, I immediately regretted my decision to not shower.  Oh.  My.  GOD.  He was tall.  He had a great smile.  He was awesome.

We talked for a couple of hours.  I was having a great time.  Our waitress came around, and told us it was last call.  FUCKING DAMN!!  Why does that always happen??  Then he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and watch a movie…

Now, I am not stupid.  Of course I know what that is code for.  And I was FUCKING DOWN.  But I was so self-conscious about the fact I did not shower after my run!  So I was honest.  Because we all know I am all about full-disclosure.  He said he has a bad sense of smell anyways.  A man after my own heart.

I have to admit I had a brief moment of hesitation.  I had a really great time with this guy, and I did have an interest in seeing him again.  And of course, for some reason with some dudes, you never know if you will see them again after you sleep with them.  It’s OK for them to be sexually liberated, but not for us.  But that is for another post, another day.  And my vag overrode my brain.

So I went back.  And goddamn can this boy kiss.  If I had even the smallest intention of trying to talk myself out of it, it would have flown out the window when he put his mouth on my body.  And he was great.  (Simmarah-a solid 8/10.  Definitely has potential to be a 9 or a 10 if we meet up again now that the first time awkwardness is done!!)  Afterwards, I got up and searched for my clothes.  He just kind of looked at me.  I felt the need to apologize for not wearing a cuter bra/panties set.  (Why the fuck do these things go through my brain???)  He laughed, said he didn’t even notice.  Then he said that was an awful girly thing to say…and he winked at me.  I said no, girly would be me still laying in that bed trying to cuddle with you, and neither of us want that just yet.  I wink back.

I finally find all my clothes…how the fuck did they get all over the place??  I walk to the door, and turn around to yell goodbye.  I am startled to find him behind me.  He gives me a very passionate kiss, and tells me he will talk to me soon.  I tell him that sounds good, and leave.  Of course, I am thinking I will never hear from him again.  I am sure he is a the typical male, just like all of the others I have been unlucky enough to meet as of late.  Maybe he will surprise me!  We will see what happens.  I would love to meet another Mr. Hottie…a man who appreciates a woman who loves sex…where are you real men???

Much love, Esme


3 Responses to “So Wasn’t Expecting That One!”

  1. Carmen January 11, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    Wow, what a night!!! First, I love a woman who can just grab her shit and be ready to go. Second, isnt it nice being pleasantly surprised for once instead of “aw damn”??

    And he has earned an instant rating?? (im still trying to unclog my memory to work on that project, lol)

    Well look at it this way- act like a man. Dont even give it a second thought whether your hear from him or not.

    Just get ready for the next and always carry around a little ho kit for those last minute sessions! Hahaha!!!

    Thanks for sharing and happy hunting. :p

    • Esme January 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      A ‘ho’ kit…that’s awesome!
      Wether or not I hear from him is a moot point…it was great sex and I got my rocks off! It is just irritating knowing what goes through their minds. But on the flip side…maybe I don’t want to talk to someone again who is such a man-whore! So take that, men 😉

      There is someone else I met online I have way more interest in, we just have been unable to meet yet. I hate waiting…

  2. Simmarah January 12, 2011 at 12:19 pm #


    This is exciting!! *weeee!* I’m so happy about this one! I need more of him!!!!!

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