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What’s Up Bitches!!!

30 Jan

I am doing the one thing you all know I fucking hate oh so much…I am sitting here in Starbucks writing this post!  After a few e-mails of ‘WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU???’ I decided I better write an update…

I am still in Las Vegas.  My class got extended for all of us that wanted to gain their tactical medic certification…and we all chose to stay.  Of course these guys are all military, and they NEED it, so they didn’t have a choice.  When I voiced that I might head home, I got fucking reamed. Guess that means they like me 😉  But really, what’s not to love?

Yesterday was a hands-on tactical day, and today I look like I was beaten with a baseball bat.  We were under fire (with paintballs) and had to rescue our victims.  Reminds me of working inner city…but this time I got to shoot back!  I laid on that damn trigger and did not let up.  I caused some fucking damage!  I watched on of my paintballs smack some guy right in the side of the face!!  Out of 8 scenarios, I got fatally wounded twice, and badly wounded one other-but I tourniqueted and saved myself…thats how this bitch rolls.  My kill shots?  One to the back of the head-FUCKING HURTS, and one to the upper chest-ALSO FUCKING HURTS.  I didn’t think I got shot many other times, but this morning I can barely move.  And I am no longer white…I am purple.  And it was worth every godamned minute.  And I have five more days of scenarios.  Hell to the mutha-fucken yeah.

As for Dude…Blah.  He came up all right…and knocked on my door at one fucking thirty in the goddamned morning after I told him I had to be up at five thirty in the goddamned morning.  I was not a happy camper.  Then he tried to get his groove on.  OH HELL NO.  When I woke up, I woke him up and told him he had to go.  Disrespect is NOT something I tolerate.

I have met a great bunch of guys in my class…and no skanks-no hanky panky!  It’s too intense of a class to even think about doing anything but going out for drinks after we get shot at.  And we do.  But they are sure a great bunch of guys to look at.  And almost all of us are heading to a local strip club on Wednesday…because we don’t report to class until 2:00 the next day.  THAT…should be fun…

Because of this class, and my exhaustion after each day, I have not enjoyed Vegas like I should be.  But I am having a great fucking time…

Much love, Esme



23 Jan

I wish I had free internet here so I didn’t have to do this on my phone…but guess who is coming to visit me in Vegas?? Dude! Remember him? We went out on the date…the honest guy? From somewhere in Latin America? For one night only…this is going to be phenomenal…

Love, Esme

23 Jan

Hey sexy bitches! I am in Vegas, having a beer, and watching my Bears lose. Scoping out the local flavor…and I have to say it is seriously lacking. There should be way hotter guys…

Love, Esme

Where Are They Now?

22 Jan

My hellish work-week is finally coming to a close.  I had every intention of going out and getting my groove on tonight, but I am just fucking exhausted. And I don’t want to spend the energy it would take to do it. So I am spending the night with you hookers instead.  You’re welcome.

Carmen brought up doing a Where Are They Now post, which I think is such a great idea.  Now that I am much more removed from the craziness of some of these guys, even I am interested in seeing where this goes.  So let’s just dive in to the shallow end, shall we??

Ambulance Guy-We both were going through a divorce when we connected.  Never did I think it would be anything but sex, and it never was.  He has since reconciled with his wife (for the sake of the kids) and is still miserable.  Stupid shit…

Perfect-This was a whole sordid story…One which you can read about by clicking on his tag.  In short…we met, we dated.  We broke up because he went back to his ex-wife.  He left his ex-wife, and I was stupid enough to take him back.  We dated/fucked…and one day he called me a lying whore.  OVER.  I have no idea what he is doing now, and I just plain don’t give a fuck.

Mr. Hottie-I’ve written about him A LOT.  We had such a great relationship.  But not really a relationship, because I was not ready for a label.  I fucked that up…or so I thought.  He is since engaged, and has not been faithful to his fiancée.  Did we work for so long because we didn’t have a label?  Maybe…no stress…no worries.  Was I the one that got away?  Also maybe.  But he has a reputation for being a playboy, and I wasn’t willing to take that chance with my heart.  Plus…I run when feelings are mentioned…probably thanks to Perfect.  Ass-hat.  Every once in a while I get a text asking me for ‘a drink’, which was our ‘let’s fuck’ code.  And no hookers…I have not done it…goddamnit.

The Doctor-I was really liking this guy.  Truly.  But he got so fucking clingy.  When I was sick with meningitis, he got angry that I wasn’t calling him everyday.  Seriously???  DONE.  I don’t even communicate with him anymore.  I feel sorry for his next girlfriend.

Firefighter not worth mentioning-married with a kid.  Good for him.

New Guy-I don’t keep in touch with him.  Right after he dumped me for being a firefighter, he started dating his best girl friend.  He was a pussy…who doesn’t like a girl in uniform??  Especially one that can carry a dude up the stairs to the bedroom???

Sexy-He tried keeping in contact with me, but I just couldn’t.  It hurt too much.  Left for an ex-wife again.

Irish-man-I haven’t heard from him since I asked him if he was married.  So that tells me yes, indeed he was.  Dick.

Nice Guy-I would consider him my best guy friend.  I heart him.  I would do anything for him.  He hurts, I hurt.  He’s happy, I’m happy.  I am so glad he is in my life!

Ex-BF-Has issues with feelings, as do I.  Bad mix.  He freaked.  His loss.  He will always have problems with this.  I haven’t seen him since I wrote about him last.  Too bad people just can’t have sex…

The last guy I never gave a name to-Never heard from him again.  Both our losses…the sex was GREAT.  Why do men do that??

God, no fucking wonder I have committment issues!  Left for ex-wives, left because I am a firefighter…I really find some pussy-ass men…I just don’t want to get hurt anymore!  I bet I run away from the best guy ever…just watch…

Love, Esme

Vegas Solo?

20 Jan

Well, Nice Guy called today and said he can’t make it at all.  Not at fucking all, thanks to his DIPSHIT boss that I now hate…INTENSELY.

So now what?  Well, I am a girl who isn’t afraid of her moxie-ness, so I am going to pack up my bitch boots and some boob shirts and make the best of the situation.  I am, after all, in a class with 24 military men.  Someone is bound to peak my interest.  Not to mention the fact it is only my second time there…I am still a curious little kitten!

Any suggestions on what to do/where to go?  Pass it on, bitches…

Love, Esme


19 Jan

Nice Guy called me a few minutes ago…

N: Vegas is off, Esme.  My boss just told me I have to be at a meeting on Monday, and if I am not there I risk losing my job.

I am so upset over this!  I was oh so very much looking forward to seeing him on this trip.  I told him to fly out on Tuesday then, and he is going to look into it.  His boss is such a fuck-tard.  How can you do that to someone who already requested, and was granted, the time off?  FUCKING BULLSHIT.  We even had tickets already to a show on Sunday night.  I may actually cry…

1.  I am pissed off that he won’t be there.  Fuck his boss.

2.  I am pissed off I will be there ALONE.  Fuckity fuck FUCK!!!


Busy Busy Busy

18 Jan

So sorry dear Readers I have not posted lately…I have been working a fucking LOT.  I took what was supposed to be a part time job while I finish up the injury shit (and retraining)…and it has turned into me working 10-hour days.  Not that I am complaining…extra money in my pocket.  But this bitch is TIRED.  However…It is all spending money for Vegas!!!

All of the time spent working has seriously cut down on my dating time.  I mean…SERIOUSLY.  As I haven’t gone out on a date in a whole damn week.  I need to get back on that shit…

Love, Esme