Rambling Thoughts On The Last Few Days…

29 Dec

I apologize in advance…this just may be a long, rambling post!  Fucking men…

I finally heard from Ex-BF.  And it was like nothing was said, nothing had transpired.  How fucking typical!  I just told him I never mentioned feelings, and if he had feelings for me he needed to figure that out.  He repeated there are no feelings, because he doesn’t do feelings.  I ended the convo at that point, because it was just fucking useless to go around and around.  I hope he finds whatever he is looking for.  I was all for a fuck buddy thing, and I told him as such.  If he gets his shit together, and he figures out what his deal is, maybe. But I can’t deal with this.  It gives me a damn headache…

So after this, I have realized that as much as I enjoy having the consistency of a fuck buddy, and being able to get up and leave afterwards, I think I miss having a relationship.  Bllllaaaaaaahhhhh!!!  Say it ain’t so!!  Yes, I am a fuck-tard…I miss the stability.  But not to worry hookers, I am not leaving…all that means is this bitch is about to start dating again…

We all know my track record with dating.  Fuck, that’s how this blog was created.  It’s not good…and it’s definitely not easy!  So what is a sassy girl with lots of moxie to do?  Fire back up the Internet dating site.  Let friends set me up again (although I swear on all that is FUCKING holy if any of those ass-hats tries to date-rape me again, he will never be able to procreate).  I turned it back on today, and already have several offers.  One of which looks promising.  I, of course, will blog all about it 😉

Ok, so now my next question.  I am in my early 30’s.  Let’s just go with that.  The other day I got hit on by someone who was 24.  Fucking 24!!  I couldn’t even be flattered because I was kind of disgusted.  I have dated younger guys…loyal readers will remember the few.  But what is an acceptable age range these days??  I am most curious.  You see everything!  Younger guys equal more stamina…so YAY!  But on the flip-side, I do NOT want to have to teach someone where the clit is.  Just sayin’.  However, even I have to admit that I prefer younger over much older.  I CAN NOT see someone who is more than 5 years older than me.  I am so fucking weird…which means this is going to be oh so interesting…

Much love, Esme



4 Responses to “Rambling Thoughts On The Last Few Days…”

  1. Carmen December 29, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    Wow!!!! The stars have aligned this week, because I swear me and three of my close friends are all having issues with the fuck buddies! I am soooo feeling you on this Post but am too sleepy to elaborate the way I want to.

    Interesting… My frustration with my FB and the other jerks Ive been dealing with led me to do the opposite- I shut downh my dating account and deleted every trace of contact from any lingering prospects Id encountered.

    My fb is confusing because it was HE who started breaking the rules… Calling just to “chat”, saying he missed me etc. Telling me he wasnt just interested in sex. Well okay, of course Im going to expect more, you know, expecting him to back that talking shit up with some action but no…… So much, so much.. But this is your blog, not mine! Lol!

    Good luck getting back out there with the piranhas! Looking forward to your stories!

    • Esme December 31, 2010 at 12:29 pm #

      Don’t you HATE it when FB’s change the rules?? Why change something that is going so well? I just don’t get it. If the relationship DOES change, and you want to date, then it needs to be embraced by both sides. None of this half-assed shit they pull. Ugh…I can go off on a tangent…

  2. Simmarah December 30, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    WOO HOO! Internet dating … haha, fuck, good luck is all I gotta say.
    Watch out for the creeps and the geeks. They are out there. What site are you at anyway? POF?

    I thought of you when I passed by a street named “Esme” lol. A bit weird, maybe, but you are a memorable woman!!!

  3. Esme December 31, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    There is a street named Esme?? Take a picture!!! That…is awesome!!

    Not POF, no, but another free site. I am not paying for this shit as of yet…

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