Remember Fish?

17 Dec

Because I wish I could forget…do you know WHY I can’t fucking forget?  I will give you a few seconds…ready?  Because he won’t fucking let me forget!!!!!!!

That’s right hookers…I still-STILL-am getting text messages every fucking day from this ass-hat.  I have asked him to stop.  I have ignored them.  And yet…they come without fail.  I could set the world clock by this guy.  Lately, just to keep it more interesting, he has added the weather to the end of his text messages.

Good morning sweetie.  Have a good day.  It’s raining.

Good morning sweetie.  I’m thinking about you.  Have a good day.  It’s sunny.

Fucking seriously??  The weather?  Like I can’t tell what the weather is like?  And once again…I fucking hate being called sweetie!!!!

Love, Esme


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