The One You Can’t Turn Down…

16 Dec

I think we all have one.  And I have been thinking about mine an awful lot lately!

I was out with J last night (J-we need a name for you, girlfriend!!  You get mentioned too often to not have a name…how about Jadyn?  I like that!)  So I went out with Jadyn last night to our local dive bar which we love love love.  And we love our local lesbian bartender who offers sage advice on men-interestingly enough.  Plus, she is amazingly awesome and great to look at.  Tangent over…

Jadyn and I were discussing men, like Ex-BF (mutual friends).  Then we got on the subject of our guilty pleasures-the one man, who no matter where you or he may be in your respective lives-you will drop fucking everything to go have intensely orgasmic sex.  Jadyn has one.  I have one.  And since it is my blog, and I don’t want to betray her confidence, I will discuss mine.

Mine is Mr. Hottie, hands down.  For faithful long-time readers, you know who Mr. Hottie is.  He is a guy I dated for a month before he found out some chick he banged prior to seeing me was pregnant.  A few months later we started up a fuck-buddy relationship…and it was fan-fucking-tastic. Until he made it complicated.  Click on the Mr. Hottie tag if you want the whole story…

When I was back visiting Old State, Mr. Hottie found out about it.  I did not let him know, because I know I can’t turn him down.  (I discovered this around last Christmas…I had just started seeing someone-a douchebag so I don’t feel bad about it-and he also had just started seeing someone.  I called him to do some work on my car, as he was my mechanic as well.  He said he will work on my car, for free, as long as we spend some ‘quality time’ together.  I hemmed and hawed…we were both taken.  He then told me ‘You and I both know you will never turn me down.  So stop pretending you will.’  FUCKING CAUGHT!  And yes, more than willing to whore myself out to him for free mechanic work.  It was fucking expensive, and he is fucking great in bed.)  So I didn’t tell him I was in town.  However, I spent some time with some friends from the firehouse, and he found out.  He texted me, and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink-our code for let’s fuck.  I beat my head against the wall repeatedly.  There is another reason I didn’t want to meet him-he is fucking engaged.  So apparently, he can’t quit me either.  He was willing to cheat on his fiancée because I was in town.  Dilemma!  FUCK!  I wanted this guy!!

But I didn’t do it.  I wanted to, oh fuck I really wanted to.  Every nerve ending in my body was aching for his touch.  But I didn’t.  By the time he got a hold of me, I was only in town for one more day.  It would have been tight…a very small window of opportunity.  And if we would have been able to meet, I wanted to be selfish.  So I said no.  How sad is it the first reason I said no wasn’t because he was engaged?  It was because I wanted more time then 30 minutes.

I don’t feel bad about my horniness toward Mr. Hottie.  Not in the least bit.  Nor do I even feel bad about the fact I can’t turn him down.  Although it makes me feel like a million bucks that he can’t turn me down as well!  I guess even admitting all of this makes me a bit of a hooker, and I am also quite alright with that.  I can’t help the fucking pheromones.  However…I am glad I decided against meeting him.  Every time I travel to Old State I am going to have the option of Mr. Hottie.  I have the feeling relationships and marriages won’t matter…which is why I will never let him know when I am in town.  If he finds out, then so be it.  But no point in tempting the devil…although I do love playing with the devil…

Love much, Esme


2 Responses to “The One You Can’t Turn Down…”

  1. Experts view December 16, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    i want to know the unbelivable stories lol

  2. Esme December 17, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    Oh honey, just read the blog 😉

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