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9 Dec

Dear Mr. Facebook,

Now I might be completely wrong but inviting your ex to be your friend on facebook just isn’t cool.  I hate social networking websites and I think they just cause heaps of trouble.  But let’s give everyone else a chance to decide whether I’m just out of my mind and jealous or if you’re just a douche that doesn’t really care about my feelings at all whatsoever.

So Mr. Facebook and I begin dating and we really tried to keep our past in the past.  It was his idea not to talk about exes and I actually agree, who cares about what happened in your past relationships?  We’re here, we’re happy, the rest doesn’t matter, oh until your ex that you broke up with a YEAR ago comes knocking on your door and saying stupid shit about me.  So you vow not to talk to her again but those persistent emails keep on coming and you keep on responding.  Don’t you know the best way to show someone you’re not interested is to not reply.

So she backs into a corner for a little while but then our relationship turns into a long distance one.  Yeah, it’s hard, but we were really good at it until your ex came knocking at your door inviting you out.  I mean did you not tell her that you were still going out with me? That we were happy?  That you never wanted to hear from her again, but no, you just kept on listening to her sob story.  So after almost 6 months of inviting Mr Facebook out she once again disappeared into oblivion.

By now Mr. Facebook and I, are doing really well and we have some pretty big plans coming up in the future.  He’s not just another boyfriend, he is “he’s the one” type of material, or so I thought.  So the other day, I go onto his page and for some reason it just possessed me to look up his ex.  OK that’s totally my fault but you’d think I wouldn’t find anything.  Before this day, I had no idea what she looked like, who she was, all I knew is that the man of my dreams dated her for forever and had marriage in his mind with her.

Did I mention I found a love letter too?  And by find I mean he gave me a photo album to look through and there was her mark of “I love you forever, blah blah blah”…that wasn’t a good day either for us.  So I type in her name and low and behold there’s his princess, with the tiara and everything.  So I go crazy like why do you have someone on your page who you say you want nothing to do with.  I mean hello? Facebook is to CONNECT not disconnect from people.  So he tells me oh well she wrote me this email and apologized and I’m like well where was my apology?

So he said by adding her it would just make her like everyone else.  But guess what, she’s not anyone else, she’s the girl you f*cked for three years and that you wanted to marry so I don’t really want to see her face, or know anything about her or have her looking at out photos or commenting or saying anything to you because she has been trying to get down your pants ever since we started dating.  I don’t really believe in becoming friends with someone after dating, but hey I guess its possible and I don’t really mind except this chick continually tells him how sorry she is (nearly 2 years later), how much she wants to go out and “talk” and whatever BS that he probably doesn’t even tell me.

So I ask you this, should an ex be on your significant other’s facebook page?  To me, if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her then what in the world was he thinking accepting her and inviting her back into his world.  For goodness sake, she wasn’t his friend while they were dating so why are they now?  I’m getting pretty tired of Mr. Facebook saying he’s going to do the right thing, that he loves me so that he’ll stop communicating with her (he still has her on his page) and that the past should stay in the past (as long as it’s my past and not his).


Anti – Facebook Girl (Alley)



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