5 Dec

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days and Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

Once again, I did not post yesterday.  I don’t even remember why…oh yeah…I had a class in the city to renew my ACLS (ALWAYS a great fucking time) and then I had something to do last night.  So today I am making up for both posts, you lucky bitches.

Day 09-Something you are proud of the last few days.

I am working on taking, and passing, a national exam.  This exam in notoriously difficult, and I have been out of school for five years.  Five years of no book training.  And this exam is all about book smarts.  Well, it turns out that not only am I a sexy bitch, I am one hell of a smart bitch as well.  I went into the practical exam with 48 other people, and I was the only one who got to leave after the test was over.  That’s right all of you skanks out there…I was the only one NOT JUST OUT OF MEDIC SCHOOL, and yet I was the only one who passed on THE VERY FIRST TRY.  Take that all of you 22 year-old fucks.

Day 10-Songs I listen to depending on my mood.

Right now I am a huge P!nk fan.  I listen to her all of the time.  She has such a wide variety of songs, that I can usually find something depending on my moods.  When I am angry I pull out the good ol’ Rage Against The Machine, Buckcherry, Theory of a Deadman.  I have been into Eminem lately when I am feeling blah.  My go-to CD, for when I am getting ready to go out with the girls, or when I am dancing around my house naked, is Nickelback’s Darkhorse.  I love the music on that disc.  Hmmm…I like so much music that it is so hard to narrow it down…

Much love, Esme



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