Ohmigod…Safety Tries To Return!

27 Nov

I fucking shit you not.  Just a few minutes ago this exchange took place via text message with Safety.  I saved the texts so I could share them with you all, because it is too delicious not to share!

S:  Too bad you don’t want to do anything

Me:  I was all for meeting you.  YOU didn’t want to do anything.

S:  I did.  I really wanted to.  Just didn’t know where to go.  (FUCKING REALLY???  I still can’t even BELIEVE this is a valid excuse)

Me:  Well, your loss.  If you really wanted to meet up, you would have figured it out.  Or not have shot down everything I threw out at you.  I even changed my FUCKING normal Thursday plans.  And I told you this.  The few people I have told about this are completely fucking dumbfounded.  No one says ‘I can’t think of anything’.  NO ONE.  It’s fucking embarrassing.

And he hasn’t responded.  I don’t expect to hear back, but on the flip side I can’t believe he had the nerve to fucking write me in the first place…and it wasn’t even a fucking APOLOGY.  Christ…where are all of the real men???

Love, Esme


One Response to “Ohmigod…Safety Tries To Return!”

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