Day 01

27 Nov

Day 01-A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Well stalkers…I am not posting a recent picture of myself.  THAT would defeat the purpose of an anonymous blog, don’t you think?  Look at the picture on the left-hand side, substitute dark hair, and you have me.  I’m pretty fucking hot…just saying.

15 interesting facts?  I have done this a few times, but let me see if I can come up with something new!

1-I am an amazing lightweight when it comes to drinking.  As in three beers, or two glasses of wine, or two shots.  After a very small amount of liquor I just may be dancing on a table, or singing ‘I Touch Myself’ via karaoke.  Yes…I am that girl.

2-I don’t have an internal filter.  I think something, and it comes out of my mouth.  And very rarely is that a good thing.

3-I am honestly getting to a point where I am getting fucking sick of dating.  As in I don’t want to do it anymore.  Is a great date too much to ask for?

4-When someone asks me what my biggest regret is, I tell them I wish I would have been a whore in college.

5-I am a very competitive person…so much so that most of my friends won’t even play board games with me anymore.  I’m not a sore loser by any means, but I sure in the hell like to win.  And I am a fucking trivia QUEEN.

6-Very few people know this, but I played basketball my first semester of college.  And when I transferred schools, I let it go.  And I don’t even know why.

7-I didn’t start to embrace my femininity until last year…and that is really hard to do when you work at a firehouse!

8-As I get older I have realized I have so many great girlfriends, most of which I consider sisters.  And a great girlfriend beats a man any day of the week.

9-I love stupid comedies.  LOVE them.  I will laugh until I have tears running down my cheeks.

10-I have so many famous crushes…some of my favorites?  Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham, and Brian Urlacher.  I have girl crushes as well…but that is a whole ‘nother post.

11-I think it is super hard to find 15 interesting things about me.

12-I have a really hard time with the holidays ever since my grandma passed away.  It has also been hard since the divorce.  I HATE my ex-husband, but no one likes to be alone on the holidays.  How-ev-er…I will not date a douchebag just to not be alone.  So I guess it doesn’t bother me that much!

13-I want pink hair.  Bright pink hair.  I have no idea why, but I do.

14-I want more tattoos.  The last one I got gave me the tattoo bug.  I want more BAD.  I know what I want, I have an idea of where I want them.  I could give a flying fuck if people don’t like tattooed women.  It’s all about me anyways.

15-I am finally starting to realize that there is something about me that attracts douchebags.  That I must push the great guys away.  I haven’t figured out what it is.  Either that or what they say is true…The good ones are taken…or gay.  I don’t mind gay.  At least my house will be impeccably decorated and we would look fabulous dah-lin!

Much love hookers, Esme


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