Hello My Lovelies…

23 Nov

I am still MIA…I am in Old State visiting family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, in typical Esme fashion, drama has followed me…fucker…and I have stories to tell.
And more so in typical Esme fashion, the place I am staying has no Internet access. So I am currently typing this on my phone. So if there are errors and they bug you, put on your big girl panties and fucking deal…because I can’t even see half of the screen.
Quick update-Doctor is still contacting me…even AFTER I have told him nicely, and not-so-nicely to leave me the fuck alone. I have now had to threaten police involvement. This has gotten WAY out of hand. A few days ago I once again told him that under no circumstances will I be seeing him while I am here in Old State. Nor will I be continuing any kind of communication with him. His response? So…dinner on Sunday then? He just doesn’t get it…
The fish-I am still receiving text messages from him as well…telling me’ I am beautiful. Reminding memo enjoy my day. Blah blah blah. This guy just does not do it for me’ ni have told him as much, but once again a guy who just doesn’t listen…imagine that. I have been ignoring him as well.
Sexy-Aaahhhhhhhh….Sexy deserves his own post, with Internet access, when I can sit and focus because this shut is getting interesting. And I just may be fucking it all up. Not that I am surprised…
If I don’t talk to you prior to…have a great thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your family and/or friends. Remember to give thanks to all the weirdness in your life, as it is what makes us truly uunique.
Love all my skanks, Esme


One Response to “Hello My Lovelies…”

  1. Esme November 23, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    Yes…many spelling errors. For whatever reason the wordpress app on my phone SUCKS MY LEFT TIT and won’t let me move down to correct errors, or even let me see what THE FUCK I am typing. Not that I am bitter…
    Love you bitches, Esme

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