A Little More Sexy Time?

10 Nov

Sexy and I continue to send flirty, random text messages back and forth.  Nothing that quite borders into Brett Favre territory, but full of double entendres and sexual innuendos.  And to be honest, I am starting to get so fucking aggravated! I am like a kid in a damn candy store when it comes to great sex, especially when I can classify it as phenomenal sex, and I CRAVE it.  It consumes my mind, and all I can think about is my next fix.  It is my crack, my heroin, my meth.  And I NEED it.

So I finally give in.  God damn it, I break yet another rule (how many is that now?) and I sent him the following message:  This weekend-you and me.  Make it happen.  And this time, I swear to be a bit more ‘giving’ 😉

Response:  Haha.  Of course!  But this weekend is pretty busy.  Next weekend is a definite.

Me:  This weekend.  I don’t need to spend the night, just a couple of hours.

Response:  Sounds like someone needs something 😉

Me:  Obviously.  A lot more of something.  But at least you know where you stand…or lay…with me. 😉  Make it work.

Response:  Will get a hold of you soon.

The promise of great sex…isn’t it electric?

Much love, Esme


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