Giving Into The Feelings

7 Nov

This happened quite some time ago, and have waited to write about it so a timeline can’t be established.  So if you think you know who I am writing about…believe me, you don’t.

I met him quite some time ago, and there was an instant connection.  The kind where your eyes connect and you feel an instant jolt right down into your womanly parts.  Purely sexual.  If he would have walked up to me, taken my hand and led me into the bathroom…with no words spoken…I would have done it.  And it would have been fucking fantastic.  We women know these things, it’s a sixth sense.

Luckily for me, we have a mutual friend.  A friend neither one of us is good friends with, but we wound up getting introduced (let’s call him Sexy).  I saw him out here and there, and we have made some small talk throughout the months.  Numbers were exchanged, some flirty text messages were sent, promises made on going out…but nothing ever came to fruition.  I never pushed it, and neither did he.  We both just continued on with our lives, but I always secretly hoped to see Sexy out.  Hoping one night we would both be drunk enough, or horny enough, or brave enough…

On this particular afternoon, I was so incredibly…needy. Good word for it, I guess.  I wanted.  I lusted.  I needed.  I craved.  I picked up my phone, found Sexy’s number, and sent the following text message:  ‘Are you in town?  I was thinking we could go out for drinks, and see where the night takes us.’  Now…I waited.

A few hours later, my phone DINGS! I make a mad scramble for it, tripping over the rug in the process.  Smooth, I know…you just wish you could be like me.  I pick it up while I claw my way back up to a standing position.  It’s from Sexy, and it says:  Just got back into town, was out with friends.  Has to be late as long as it’s OK.

My response back:  Late is great for me.  (WOW, I am soooo smooth…take notes, folks)

Him:  11, my place address address address.

Me:  See you then.

I had two hours to get ready.  I didn’t know if I was meeting him there and we were going out, I didn’t know if he was planning on ravishing me when I walked in his door, I had no idea what to fucking expect.  And I was loving every fucking MINUTE of it.  The butterflies.  The uncertainty of what was next.  The not knowing.  I COULDN’T WAIT!!!

I sexified myself up nicely.  Straightened my hair, darkened my eyes.  Kiss me lips, fuck me boots.  I wore clothes that hugged my curves nicely, and showed a good amount of cleavage if I happened to bend over at the waist.  I put protection in my purse (because as a bad girl, I am ALWAYS prepared) and I headed out the door.

After several wrong turns (where the hell does this guy live???) I finally found his house.  I turned off my car and took a deep breath.  I was amazed…no jitters, no butterflies.  No inkling…whatsoever…that this may be a bad idea.  Nothing but peace.  Let’s fucking do this!

I strode up to the front door, which was open, and knocked on the screen door.  I heard a ‘C’mon in!’  I let myself in as he walked out of his bedroom.  My breath sucked in as I watched him walk toward me.  Wow…Oh, wow. Sexy gave me  tour of his house, which ended in his bedroom suite.  It had a sitting area, where ESPN was playing on the big screen TV (I may or may not have wet myself a little bit right then and there). He turned to me and asked if I just preferred to stay in and have a couple of drinks.  As he said this, he brushed my bangs off my face.  In, I responded.  Definitely in.  I had no choice after that…I don’t even think my legs would have carried me out the door after such a sensual touch.  I made myself comfortable on the couch and watched the latest sports news.  Sexy came back, handed me a beer, and settled in next to me-arm around my neck.  We made small talk while we drank our beers, touched thighs, kissed necks.  We messed around like teenagers…when is the last time I have done that?  It was nice!  Eventually he moved around and straddled me on the couch.  He lifted my chin with his fingers, and I smiled at him with half-closed eyes.  ‘Hi’, Sexy said.  ‘Hi’, I responded beck.  He lowered his mouth to mine, and holy shit can this guy kiss.  I was completely caught up in the feelings this kiss, and this guy, invoked.  My body was responding incredibly quickly, and I couldn’t get Sexy close enough, fast enough.  He backed off of me off the couch, and pulled me up.  He pulled my shirt off, and took my bra off with one flick of his wrist (does anyone else find this incredibly hot?)  My pants came off, although I don’t remember how, and he led me to his bed.  This is one time I can honestly say that this was all about me…and we didn’t actually have sex that night.  His fingers worked me into a frenzy time and time again, his mouth followed suit.  I left scratches and bite marks in various locations on his body to show my…appreciation.  I was thoroughly spent after our playtime.  Sexy crawled up under his covers, and beckoned me to follow him.  I somehow managed to find my way next to him.  He gathered me into his arms, and I passed the fuck out.

I woke up the next morning around 8am.  I was trying to figure out what to do.  Do I use an escape plan?  Try to leave without waking him up?  Wake him up and tell him I need to leave?  I was in unfamiliar territory here…usually I don’t spend the night.  What the hell was I thinking??  Hell no!!!  I came here to get LAID.  And I am not leaving until I get what I came here for.  Rules, and propriety, be DAMNED!!!! I rubbed his back, and tried to gently wake Sexy up.  Damn, he still looked fucking delicious.  I self-consciously tried to fix my own hair, wondered what the hell I looked like.  Sexy rolled over and opened up those gorgeous blue eyes (I am such a damn sucker for those blue-eyed guys!).  ‘Good morning’, I whispered.  ‘Do you have a busy day planned?’  ‘Yes, I do.’  He replied.  ‘But no worries, you are not keeping me from anything important.’  With those words, it was game on.

Instead of getting into every detail, I will say this…I have never had such a vigorous lover.  From the word GO.  It started strong, and it stayed strong.  And it has left me craving more.  Afterwards, when we were laying there catching our breath, I patted his hand and said ‘Wow…I think I may have found my new playmate for the time being.’  Sexy laughed his deep throaty laugh and smacked my ass as I got up to get dressed.  And then I broke another one of my rules…I stayed and talked with him for a couple of hours.  We laid in his bed, cuddled, and just talked. Finally, it was time to get on with the day, so I left.  He walked me to the door, gave me a kiss, and wished me a good day.

We have texted a few times since that night.  A few flirty messages, no promises of a repeat performance, but dear lord I sure hope so.  Just thinking about it is getting me hot and bothered.  We had some uh-may-zing sexual chemistry.  And I am ready for more.  I may have to take the lead on this one again…

Much love, Esme


2 Responses to “Giving Into The Feelings”

  1. Ric November 8, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    Sure this wasn’t me? Call me when you get into town…;-)

  2. Esme November 8, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    Ric-No, not you…or I am sure I would have read about it on your blog as well!

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