And I’m Back…

28 Aug

Dear Nice Guy,

Well, we are back from Las Vegas…and we had an absolute blast!  I have to say I think I really had the Vegas experience.

First off, I have to thank you for the fabulous time.  You were a great tour guide, travel buddy, and baby-sitter (the night I needed one ;)).  But I also wanted to thank you for not sleeping with me.  Yes, you read right.  We talked about it.  You admitted that you were VERY MUCH attracted to me sexually.  You said you want to sleep with me with every ounce of your being.  But you didn’t.  You like the way things are between us, you said.  And you aren’t quite ready to jump to the next level, not ready to know what the other side holds.  I do agree…I don’t want to lose what we do have.  And right now what we have works just fine for me.  We were still very affectionate toward each other.  Holding hands, kissing, hugging.  We slept wrapped up in each other’s arms.  And…it was awesome.

Now…as for fun in Vegas??  We made Vegas our bitch.  We hit it hard, and we went balls out for 4 straight days.  Bars, drinking, singing, drinking, dancing, tattoos (for both of us!), drinking, gambling, shouting, eating-did I mention drinking?  It was nothing short of phenomenal.  You have been to Vegas a number of times, and even admitted you have never partied harder than you did while with me.  Go big or go home, is what I say! 😉

We continue to talk once, sometimes twice a day.  We continue to send e-mails.  We are just the same as we were before, maybe a little bit closer…more comfortable.

We have decided the next trip is going to be to Mexico, sometime next spring.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that neither of us will be dating so we can actually go.  Who knows what can happen in the beautiful tropics…

Love, Esme


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