Hmmm…A Few Things In The Mix…

27 Jul

Dear men,

So I have a few interesting things going on with a few of you…let me try to lay it out the best way I can…

Mr Irish-man-you and I had a date last night.  And oh what a date it was!  We didn’t get too far into the night when we began ripping each other’s clothes off.  (This was not my intention when I met up with you, but what the hell!)  Hands feeling, mouths kissing.  It was, in one word, amazing.  I don’t see this ending anytime too soon.  And if it does, the memory of last night is all I need.

Mr Nice Guy-even after you broke things off because you needed time to figure things out in your life, we continued talking.  We talk all the time, usually once a day.  Even though we now live in different states we have remained good friends.  The other day you called me and asked if I wanted to meet you in Las Vegas.  (Now, this may come as a complete shock that I, a 30-something who is divorced and went a little wild, has not been to Las Vegas.  But alas, it is true.)  Ummm…hells yeah I want to go to Vegas!  We are meeting in Sin City at the end of August.  This trip should be interesting for a few reasons.  One, I really need to let loose and go crazy.  What better place to do it?  Two, we had never been intimate.  Ever.  We were waiting.  What is going to happen when we are sharing space in the ‘what happens here stays here’ capitol?  Three, I really-honestly-truly do not want to change our friendship.  So I think it is going to take a lot of willpower on both of our parts.  And that’s hard when the alcohol is flowing.

Doctor-well, I will be seeing you real soon.  We have also kept in touch, even though we live in different states now.  You are finishing up a very messy divorce.  I have talked you through many sleepless nights.  Been your proverbial shoulder to cry on.  I told you I was coming out to Old State for a five-day visit to see a friend of mine.  You…have decided to take me out while I am there.  A real honest-to-goodness date is the way you put it.  I am nervous, scared, excited, so many other emotions at the same time.  You asked me what I want to do, and I told you I want to go to a dive bar and play darts.  A little out of your element, but you are game.  I am really excited to see you.  I know what we had going on before was not cool.  Not OK.  Not ANYTHING BUT WRONG.  (Funny enough, that isn’t what lead to your divorce)  But I can’t wait.

So, a few of you in the mix that is Esme’s dating life.  I had a brief moment of some guilty feelings.  3 guys, none of which know about each other.  But then I remembered that I am not marrying any of you. (Well, if Doctor had his way I would move back and be with him-but that is another letter).  And I have not had the ‘we are exclusive’ talk with any of you guys, either.  And the guilty thoughts flew away.  I’m in this for fun. and for the experience of dating.  So I raise my glass and say:


Love, Esme


3 Responses to “Hmmm…A Few Things In The Mix…”

  1. KaPau! July 27, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    oooohhhhhhhhhh girl…. I LOVE IT!!!!!
    I’m in much the same position… only perhaps a little behind you as I’ve just begun my dating journey….so I’m very interested in keeping up with your progress and haps with this!!!

  2. KaPau! July 27, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    OH…and another funny thing..I had a date with an Irishman last night too! How coincidental! ..only yours sounds soooo much more intriguing and promising than mine…..I’m so jealous:-)~~

  3. fabulousspecialoffers July 27, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    Well, this is such an interesting story you have here. =) If I would be that man, I would be always be glad to be with you. =)

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