Back On That Dating Horse!

23 Jul

Dear Irish-man,

I am working on getting settled into life in Brand New State.  Connecting with old friends, re-scouting old hang-outs.  Just having fun and enjoying some Esme time.  Then you walk around a corner and into my life…

Tall, red hair, green eyes…straight outta Ireland.  Oh.  My.  God.  And you were walking over to my table.  The closer you came, the wider my eyes got.  You asked if you could join me, and I guess I nodded my approval.  Don’t remember…truly don’t remember…

We talked for a couple of hours.  You passed me your number.  You told me to call you.  I broke a rule and I did.

We met up at a nice restaurant for some drinks.  I like having drinks…easy to get away if need be!  There was no need.  We talked.  We laughed.  You would touch my shoulder and my arm while you were telling a story.  You told me I was attractive.  You said you were having a good time.  You would lean in while I was talking.  You were putting your drink in my space.  Damn…your good.  You know how to work this.  You know how to get what you want.  No one is this smooth on a first date.

You walked me to my car when I had to call an end to the night.  Of course I knew you would do that.  I knew you would lean in for a kiss.  And I knew it was going to be great.

It was better than great.  You put your hand on my cheek, moved it to the back of my neck, and pulled me in.  We kissed tentatively at first, just enjoying those first few seconds of a first kiss.  You then put your other arm around my waist and hauled me up against your body.  The kiss deepened and you moaned your approval.  My body has never reacted so strongly to a kiss before.  I was becoming putty in your hands, your mouth keeping me captivated.  I broke off the kiss and looked at you.  Your eyes were heavy, your breathing irregular.  It affected you as well.  I took a step back and composed myself.  I know I was about two seconds away from being thrown up against my car.  That thought made me smile…

We are going to have a great time together, I said as I opened my car door.  You smiled at me, a crooked half-smile that I am now convinced every guy practices in front of a mirror.  Yes, you said,  it is going to be a hell of a good time.

Fuck yeah it is…

Love, Esme


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