New Author=New Letters!

7 Jul

Dear Readers,

Once again I have to apologize for my recent lack of posts.  Due to some family issues, I had to pack up and move to a different state (yet again).  This time, however, it is for a great reason.  I am going to be helping my grandfather.  My grandmother passed away several years ago, and he has really headed downhill following her death.  While my move is benefits him, it also benefits me.  I get to hear stories of him courting my grandmother, stories of true love and the way it is supposed to be.  Hear stories of how he swept her off her feet, and how he won her over.  Stories of the great times, and the times they struggled-and even though there were some rough times, they still stood side by side and weathered the storm together.  I smile when I recall some of the tales.

Even through all of the nuttiness lately, I still have had some amazingly interesting dates.  And-drumroll please-not only do you get to read my letters, you get to read another’s as well!  Makes me realize there are more wierdos than I originally thought…

Alley has had some interesting experiences, and has been wonderful enough to share!  I am excited to read about what she has been through, and what she has learned in the process.  If I get nothing else out of all of this dating, it’s that there is always something to learn about the opposite sex…and yourself.


Love, Esme


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