Damn ‘Know It All’s

7 Jul

Dear Mr. Know it All,

I really thought you knew me.  I thought you even cared about me.  It turns out that I was blinded by your charm.  I never expected my boyfriends to buy me fancy gifts or take me out to the nicest restaurants because I can provide myself with those things.  I only wanted the simplest things in the world like for you to sing me a song or to call me if you were going to be late but you thought you knew everything and you always had an excuse ready when it came to interrogation time.

Did you think that I was stupid or that I would let your behavior continue?  I know that men are far from perfect but you have no idea who I am and there is no point in pretending that you do.  When I tell you that I want to eat pizza on our anniversary, it doesn’t mean that I want to eat chicken.  When I tell you that I want to go to see a play it doesn’t mean I want to see a movie.  You thought you knew everything when I told you what I wanted and you completely ignored me.

I’ve done my best to fit my schedule around you and send you cute messages throughout the day without smothering you.  I even encouraged you to get out and see your friends.  But never in one day that we were together did you ever accommodate me and my needs.  What woman in their right mind would stick around?  I know I sure wasn’t.  Then again I guess our relationship never really mattered to you that much since when I did break up here’s what happened with a word play by play:

Me: I really wanted things to work out between us but every time I tried to communicate my desires to you, you just seemed that they really weren’t that important.

You: Well…I didn’t want what you wanted so there wasn’t really that much to do.

Me: Soooooo our relationship is based on you doing what you want, regardless of what I want. No compromising.

You: Yeah basically.

Me: [Click]

So, it wasn’t my finest moment, but I never got a phone call back, or text, or email.  Apparently he’s not missing much and neither am I.  The next time you think you know a woman, you should think again especially if you want to keep her next time around.

Love, Alley

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3 Responses to “Damn ‘Know It All’s”

  1. Ric July 8, 2010 at 7:48 am #

    Unfortunately men live in a me society, love is shown by actions. Love is a verb…the feeling of love is derived by the actions that we give and recieve. Hang in there, have fun, enjoy yourself. Live each day as it were your last! xoxo

  2. Cath July 8, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than hanging up on a jackass!

  3. Esme July 9, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    @Cath-I whole-heartedly agree! That *click* can be such a satisfying sound.
    @Ric-Agreed. Women need to feel love and men need to see love. What a world we live in…
    Love, Esme

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