24 May

Dear Nice Guy,

Wow, do we already have some stories!  Things are going better than I ever could have imagined.  And to think it all started with a visit to the emergency room…

In you, I think I may have met my match.  And I am a little scared by that.  I am continually amazed by what you do for me.  By all of the little things.  Your words, your actions.  You make me question my old thought process of the inherent good of man.  I used to believe it didn’t exist.  You have changed that…

You make me feel incredibly sexy!  You brush the hair back from my eyes.  You hold my hand whenever possible.  You hug me often, and offer kisses at any time.  You set your alarm early for work so we can have ‘snuggle time’, as neither of us can sleep touching someone.  You are always looking out for my comfort.  And you tell me often how amazing I am…and what I love the most?  We haven’t even had sex yet.

I am not used to GOOD…I am used to bad.  I thrive on chaos.  My job and my past choices concur with that statement.  I am not trying to mess anything up.  I am not trying to find the bad.  I am trying very hard to go with it.  But that little nagging voice in my head wonders when I am going to fuck this up.

Please don’t give up on me…if I pull away, please don’t let go…

Love, Esme


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