15 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Apr

Dear Readers,

I thought it might be fun to give you an idea of who I am and what I believe.  So here you go…15 truths of Esme.

1. I am a proud firefighter/paramedic, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!  But little known fact–I hate fire.  I break out in a cold sweat when I have to go into a burning building.  However, afterwards you can’t shut me up about how much fun it was.

2. I believe date #4 doesn’t exist, because I have never seen it.  I think it will be fantastically phenomenal, and fireworks will go off.  In fact, a national holiday should be claimed when I do make it there.

3. Even though I have a manly job, I am not gay.  Haven’t even considered it.  But I am not a man-hating feminist either.  I just have a job, and I do it well.

4. I truly believe that real men, as in ruggedly handsome can live off the earth but will still open doors for you men, don’t exist anymore.

5. I don’t believe in soul mates and one-true-loves.  I believe you can be happy with a number of people, if you are lucky enough to find one.  And I believe some people never find one.

6. I have an irrational fear of becoming a lonely blue-haired old woman with 20 cats.

7. Irrational because I am a dog person, and everyone knows dogs are better than men…so I wouldn’t be lonely.  And if I ever did have blue hair, it would look awesome on me.

8. I recently found out that my measurements are comparable to Marilyn Monroe’s…except I am 4 inches taller.  Yep, I have an hourglass figure.  While not sexy in today’s society, I LOVE IT.

9. Due to my marriage, and my dating history, I firmly believe men can’t tell the truth.  I also believe that because of this belief, I will sabotage a relationship with Mr. Right when he does finally come along.

10. One of the best decisions, although hardest decisions, I made was moving out-of-state.  I love it here.

11. I have had a great number of dates, a lot of which I have written about on here.  If nothing remotely interesting happens, I don’t write about it.  So far, I have been stood up 3 times, brushed off many times more (Stupid guys have no idea what they are missing)  But with all of the bad, I have had some good…well, decent…dates.  But the bad sometimes brings me down.  No one likes rejection.

12. Prior to Perfect, I have never been broken up with.  I tend to be proactive if things aren’t going well.

13. I am a huge, HUGE sports fan.  More than some guys, I think.  Hockey, football, baseball…yes please.  My favorite show is Sportscenter.  What constitutes a great date in Esme’s world?  Cold beer, big screen TVs, and a game or two.  Woot!

14. Actions mean more to me then words.  Anyone can talk, not everyone can actually do.

15. I absolutely love who I am.  I worked hard to be the person I have become, and I refuse to hide or change anything about myself.    Everything I have been through has made me an incredibly strong woman, and I am grateful for it.  As a friend once said-I am perfectly broken, and I don’t need anyone to fix me.


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