Can’t Believe I Had To Go Through This

21 Apr

Dear Very Rude Guy,

We met through friends, talked some, built up a good rapport.  We talked on the phone a few times, and you kept dropping hints about us going out.  When you finally asked, I actually got a little excited!  I just knew we would have a good time…you wanted to go bowling.  I fucking LOVE bowling!  How could this not be fun?

The night finally arrived.  I got dressed carefully and eagerly.  Did my hair in some sexy loose curls, make-up done to perfection.  Oh yeah…I went all out.  I was looking forward to this.

You were to pick me up at 7.  7 came and went.  730.  8.  I went into my room and changed into sweat pants.  Put my amazing hair in a ponytail.  No phone call, no text.  Nothing.  I was too angry to try to get a hold of you that night.

Two days later I finally texted you: So what happened?  I’m not even worth a phone call?

You: Got busy.

Me: Aww…too bad for you.  You were gonna get laid.

I got quite a number of apology texts after that.  My phone rang later on.  I let it go.  Did I respond to any of your ‘apologies’?  Nope.  I think I finally found the one thing that makes you all tick…

Love, Esme


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