One Last Tango

20 Apr

Dear Mr. Hottie,

This letter I write, after not writing you for a while.  After our dinner, we did remain friends.  You did some work on my car for me, I took you out to dinner to show my appreciation.  We were not physical anymore.  I was pretty impressed we were able to maintain this friendship.

On the night I broke the news to you I was moving, you became quiet.  Then you put your hand on my cheek and caressed it gently.  (That is such a sensual, if not amazingly personal, gesture)  Esme, you said, I am really going to miss you.  That admission startled me.  I didn’t know what to say.  I’m going to miss you too, I replied.  Then you just held me for some time.  I think my eyes even leaked a little.

My last day in town, I called you in a panic because my tie-rod needed to be replaced on my car…the car I was driving 3500 miles in 4 hours.  The car that could NOT break down in a snowy mountain range.

Esme, you yelled.  Calm down!  It’s an easy fix!  Bring your car over in an hour and a half.  I will take care of it.

I brought my car over, and you absolutely did fix it for me.  Some of my stress melted away.  Then you checked the fluids, made sure everything else was good to go.  You turned to me, told me to follow you into the house.  I did, no questions asked.

Once inside, you turned to me.  So it has been awhile, you said.

Me: Awhile for what?

You: Us.

Me: Oh. (Brilliant answer, right?)

You: When are you leaving?

Me: 2 hours.  (By now, you were sauntering closer to me, with that gleam in your eyes and that smirk on your face.  My legs were getting shaky)

You: Plenty of time.

You grabbed me around the waist, and spun me toward the stairs.  Clothes began coming off as we fought our way to the bedroom, hands never leaving each others bodies.  What followed was amazing.  Passionate.  Furious.  Multi-orgasmic.  Loud.

After, we walked back down the stairs, picking up our clothes, getting dressed.  Not talking.

I put on my coat, looked at where you were standing, and waited.

You: I did not mean for that to happen.  But I’m not sorry.

I smiled, and nodded my agreement.

You smiled back, then said: How’s that for going out with a bang?

I laughed, gave you one last hug, and left.  I took one last look as I pulled out of the driveway, and then left you behind.

Love, Esme


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