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5 Jan

Dear Dates,

Things you all have said to me over the last few dates:

“So you just seem to be a really cool girl!  I bet you would make an awesome friend.”

Him: “So you are a firefighter? I bet you are a tomboy, all into sports and stuff.”  Me: “Oh yeah, I love sports!”  Him: “So you probably dress like a tomboy, jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.”  Me: “Well sure, I’m not going to wear stilettos and a black dress to my son’s soccer game.”  Him: “This isn’t going to work for me…I like my women to look like women.”

“So…do you want to go into my car and fuck?”

“I want no part of what you do for a living, so I have to pass on you.”

Good Lord, are there any real men left?

Love, Esme