All I Want For Christmas

28 Dec

Dear Santa,

A little late, but better late then never…

What do I want for Christmas?  No one ever bothers to ask, but I am going to tell you.  I haven’t been the best girl this year, but I deserve happiness.

I want a man.  Not just any man, but a real man.  A man who isn’t intimidated by my career.  A man who doesn’t mind that I have plenty of male friends.  A man who is impressed by my knowledge of sports trivia.

I don’t want an insecure man.  I don’t want a momma’s boy.  Of course, he should love his momma, but I want him to be able to make his own decisions.  I want a man who isn’t afraid to call me on my bullshit.  A man who isn’t afraid to take charge.  But I also want a man who will watch a chick flick with me because it is what I want to do.

I want a man who will take me to a hockey game, and have fun doing it.  I want a man who will take me to a play on Broadway, and will tolerate it.  A man who is comfortable dressing up for a night out on the town, or dressing down for a night at the local sports bar.

But mostly, I want a man who appreciates me.  Who can love me for what I have to offer, and can like me despite all of my faults (and there are plenty of them!)  A man who is content holding me and telling me I am beautiful.  A man who will never get tired of holding my hand.

And let’s be honest, Santa, looks are kind of important!  I would like a man who keeps in decent shape, who takes some pride in his appearance.  A built upper body, which is my weakness.  And while I am dreaming, let him be a bit of a bad boy…a few tattoos, a Harley, a smirk that can make me melt…

So if it’s not too much to ask for, Santa…sometime in 2010…thanks!

Love, Esme


2 Responses to “All I Want For Christmas”

  1. My Expressions December 29, 2009 at 7:02 am #

    Well I fit many of those categories….one problem…married…but if you don’t tell I won’t tell….lol….:)

  2. Esme December 31, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

    As usual…the good ones are taken or gay!!! And I think I have dated all the bad ones…

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