Still Going Well!

12 Dec

Dear New Guy,

Well, we had date number three, and I have to admit you were quite a trooper!

My best friend had called me a few days ago and wanted my opinion on a new girl he had started seeing that I have yet to meet.  Since I did not want to be the proverbial third wheel, I kind of dragged you along.  My taking you along also had a sneaky second reason attached to it…I wanted my best friend to check you out…

I wasn’t expecting the night to be a success, but it was.  The four of us got along really well.  We played some pool, had a few beers, talked and laughed.  You were a little more affectionate than you have been in the past, which was really nice.

We left first, and headed back to your place.  You went into the bathroom, and I waited right outside the bathroom door for you.  You walked out, and I jumped…literally.  There was NO WAY I was letting either of us fall asleep.  None.  And we didn’t…not for a good hour, at least…

All in all, a successful date.  And I am thinking many more to come!

Love, Esme


One Response to “Still Going Well!”

  1. True Love December 14, 2009 at 2:28 pm #

    This is my first time on this blog and I must say I like your stories, maybe it’s the sense of humour in them 🙂

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