Date Number 2!

9 Dec

Dear New Guy,

We finally went out on our second date, and I had a really nice time!  It is nice to actually have real dates…

I met you at your house, since it is closer to all of the good bars.  You got home from work 15 minutes before I got there. You looked good in your jeans and grey polo.  I was wearing skinny jeans, boots, and a form-fitting sweater.  (I looked hot, just saying)  When you opened the door you were arguing with your roommate.

You: Dude, I DID NOT invite you guys.  The answer is no!

Roommate: Whatever…you guys are going to the bar!  Who cares who else is there?  We will meet you there.

I raised my eyebrows at you, and you looked at me apologetically.  You explained how when you walked in the door, your roommate asked what you were doing tonight.  You told him, and he proceeded to invite himself, his girlfriend, and some of your mutual friends.  You kept repeating that this was not your idea of a date, and you were sorry.  I told you it was ok, and that I was game for anything.

Once we got to the bar, you steered me over to a small table in the corner.  I have to say, I was grateful for it.  The whole point of date number 2 is to get to know each other better…

We had a few beers, split a pizza, and chatted about everything we could fit into our conversation.  Once again, we experienced no lulls, no moments of silence.  It also helped that there was a hockey game on TV, and I am a huge fan.

After a few beers, I was feeling wonderful.  We left the bar and headed back to your place, with promises of an empty house to do whatever our little hearts desired.  We were giggling when we walked in the door, and stopped cold when we heard the TV.  Damn it, you muttered, what the hell is going on here?

Turns out your other roommate was home, upset that the two girls he was seeing at the same time found out about each other.  I curled up on the couch and petted with your dog while you played the caring friend.  By the time you were done, I was so tired…

You motioned me to follow you and we went to your room.  Now, I wish I could say we attacked each other with a feverish ardor that rivaled anything I have ever read in a romance novel, but we didn’t.  WE FELL ASLEEP!  (Side note to Monique-I totally take back my comment on your post…I jinxed myself!!!!)  Yes, we passed the fuck out.  Wasn’t my idea of the perfect ending to our date, but I am really glad to know we had a great time without sex being involved.  A bonus.

I was woken quite a few times during the night by your dog.  Apparently I am her new favorite person…she liked to lay her head on my boobs.  At 630 I shook you awake, gave you a kiss goodbye, and took my leave.

All in all I think the date was a success.  We are still talking, and have plans to go out tomorrow.  I still find you incredibly hard to read.  I am not sure where this is going to go, but it may be fun in the process…

Love, Esme


One Response to “Date Number 2!”

  1. Monique December 10, 2009 at 7:25 am #

    HA! 🙂 Hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about Sunday morning …

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