Oh Man, Racing Thoughts…

30 Nov

Dear Self,

Esme, you need to pull your act together.  What is your deal?

OK, so your dating life up until now has been…interesting.  Not many people can have your experiences.  Some you bring on yourself.  Others completely blindsided you.  And now, you are having a mini panic-attack.  For what?  Well, I’m guessing for a couple of reasons.

Date number two.  Ah yes…it has been a while since we have been out on a date number two.  You waited so long for New Guy to ask you out again.  And when he did, you were just excited.  Now, you are realizing date number two has a bit of committment attached to it.  You said yes because you like him.  Because you want to see where this can go.  Because he intrigues you.  Because he just may be as nice as he comes across, and you crave that.  But there is that committment issue…is date number two necessarily a committment?  How is seeing someone a second time equaling a long-term relationship in your mind?  I know you have been burned in the past, but it is time to move forward.  Can’t you just look at it as getting to know him better?  If you freak out over this, you may ruin a good thing!

The second issue I think you are having?  You are completely weirded out about this Mr. Hottie curve ball.  Why now?  Why does he suddenly want to go out on a date?  What is wrong with the old arrangement…hey, you free, come over arrangement.  I know that is the kind of relationship you crave.  No attachments.  No strings.  Therefore no hurt feelings later down the road.  You both get what you need, and you move on.

But how long can you do that for, Esme?  How long can you keep having these meaningless relationships?  Maybe it is time to give someone a chance…

Be brave!

Love, Esme


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