You Are Killing Me

28 Nov

Dear New Guy,

I really hate getting to know new people.  And I hate having to start playing the guessing game all over again.

We haven’t been on another date since the first one, however we have talked a lot.  Texting, phone calls.  We have been in constant communication.  You constantly tell me things like “In the winter, we will go snowboarding”.  “In the spring, we will go do this.”  “In the summer, we can go do that.”  But I CAN NOT get you to commit to a second date.

You do have a couple of good reasons for not seeing me the last couple of weeks.  Right after we had our date, you came down with H1N1.  Can’t fault you there.  Then, you left for vacation for 9 days for Thanksgiving with your family.  Guess I can’t fault that one, either.

As I said, we talk often.  I have tried bringing up ideas of great ideas for dates.  I have come straight out and said I would like to see you again.  And you just won’t commit.  OK, fine…you are not into me.  I get it….or are you?

You tell me how much you like hearing from me.  Once I said I don’t call much because I don’t want to interrupt you, and you said I am never an interruption.  You text me all the time.  No…you are into me.  I just think that: 1. You have no game.  2. You have no idea what to do with what is thrown at you.  Maybe you have been out of the game for so long, you really just don’t know what you are doing.  And this is absolutely killing me.  I’m not sure how long I am willing to wait for you, here…

Love, Esme


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