Maybe It Can Work…

12 Nov

Dear New Guy,

Well, I met you on one of the first days that I was on there.  We had been writing, but I never gave you much of a thought.  However, we continued to write.  Continued to find out we had a lot in common.  I was impressed with the fact that over the two months we had been communicating, you didn’t bring up anything sexual once.  Not once.  You really seemed to respect my boundaries.  I began to wonder if there might be something there.  I casually threw out the idea of meeting for a drink…and you jumped on it.

We met halfway at a pretty nice restaurant.  I showed up first, went in, and bought myself a drink.  You walked in just a few minutes later.  I liked what I saw.  Tall, as in over six feet, blond hair cut close to your head, glasses over blue eyes.  You carried yourself well.  Thin yet muscular…very nice…

I hesitated for a second before I waved you down.  I hate blind dates…what if I wasn’t what you expected?  I sucked in a deep breath, and waved.  When your eyes landed on me, you smiled.  I exhaled, not realizing I had been holding my breath.  I smiled back and relaxed.

You walked over and sat down.  For the next two and a half hours, we didn’t stop talking.  Our conversation flowed so easily.  Nothing was forced.  We laughed, we flirted, we drank, and we ate.  The time flew by.

You had to put an end to our date, as you had to work the next morning.  You walked me to my car.  You gave me a hug, and told me you would call me tomorrow.  I was even more impressed by you…you were a perfect gentleman.  You made no move to grope me, molest me, date rape me, nothing.  I was, needless to say, floored.  WOW.

We have talked a number of times since the date.  We have even made plans to go out again next week.  I wonder where this may go…and I am so excited to find out…

Love, Esme


One Response to “Maybe It Can Work…”

  1. Monique November 13, 2009 at 2:20 pm #

    Hey now! That is pretty cool!!! Is his profile still active? Email me his user name so I can check him out! 🙂

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