I Have Had It!

14 Oct

Dear Perfect,

I think I finally pissed you off, the way you have pissed me off.  I have been trying to forget about you.  I am not randomly texting you.  You are not the first person I want to tell things to anymore.  I have really been working on changing my way of thinking.  And it is working.  I am no longer sad.  Honestly, I get angry when I think how much I have put into our relationship…and have gotten next-to-nothing in return.

You keep waxing poetic about being friends.  I think it is a bit of a shock to you that I am not trying.  I refuse to give 150% anymore.  I am letting you prove to me that you want to be friends.  So far, you are doing a really shitty job.

We were supposed to meet up today for coffee.  You have a computer program I need.  I confirmed our coffee date with you last night.  (I think I pissed you off when you said we would meet, and I told you I had no expectations from you.  You deserved it…)  Well, the time to meet came and went.  I gave in and finally sent you a text.  Hey…you must be busy.  Thanks for letting  me know you can’t make it.  Don’t worry about it, I will come up with another solution.  Your reply?  Busy, thanks.

Fuck off, dude…I am tired of letting you treat me like shit.  OVER.



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