Not So Perfect Anymore

11 Oct

Dear Perfect,

Well, it was almost like I tempted the fates.  I wrote you the last letter, and today you called me and let me know you have met someone.  And, like I predicted, it hurt.  It hurt a lot.  You said that it was completely unexpected.  You weren’t looking for it.  And, like a typical douchebag, you cancelled all of the friend things we had planned, like a trip to the comedy club, because you feel like you had to.  This was, of course, after you told me you want to remain good friends.  Oh, and that you want me in your girls’ lives.

Now I am angry.

Why, if you still want to be friends, would you cancel plans you would make with friends?  Hello…a comedy club?

And how can you tell me you need time to think things through, but in the next breath ask me if I am still going to come up and see the girls this week?  I love your kids…so so much.  So therefore, I have to do the hard thing and stay away from them.  They have been through enough in their young lives.  So why would you still have me come around, play with them, but bring someone else home for dinner?  Does that freaking make sense?

I am so done with you…

Love, not so much,



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