And So He Returns…

1 Oct

Dear Mr. Hottie,

Surprise, surprise!  I was not expecting to hear from you again!  My phone rang the other night, and your awesome baritone voice was on the other end.  Hey Esme, you said.  How are you?

We chit chatted for a little bit.  Then you got a little serious.  Esme, I need to apologize to you.  I have been a complete dick.  You didn’t deserve what happened to you.  And I should have kept in contact with you, since you are a really cool girl.  So I am sorry.

Mr. Hottie, I replied, you were going through a rough time, had a lot on your mind.  Did I deserve it?  No.  Did I understand it?  Yes.  We can remain friends.  I really enjoy your company!

Deal, you responded.

We have talked a few times since then, and are talking about going out for a drink sometime soon.  I am looking forward to seeing you again.  However, I am now wondering if I need to make it clear this isn’t a friends with benefits package…

Love, Esme


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