A Gut Check

17 Sep

Dear Self,

You are aware that you and Perfect have been spending time together.  You love his children, and when they ask you go and play.  You enjoy his company (and his bedroom tricks), and when he asks you go and play.  Sometimes, playtime is in the bedroom.  Other times, absolutely nothing sexual happens, and you still have just as much fun.  You know you enjoy his company.  He cooks for you, he gives you back massages.  He makes you feel oh-so-special.

But you didn’t realize how much time you two have been spending together until our mother called.

Mom: What are you doing this weekend?

Esme: Perfect’s ex-wife won’t take the kids on Saturday, and he is on shift.  Since my ex’s mom has the kids for the weekend, I am watching his kids overnight.

Mom: Huh.

Esme: Huh?  What is that mean?

Mom: Well, for two people who are just friends, and don’t want a committment, you two are spending an awful lot of time together.

Oh, fuck…

Love, Esme


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