Do I Look Desperate?

3 Sep

Dear Co-workers/Brothers,

All I hear from all of you guys is how I need to date more.  Really?  I thought I was doing pretty good.  Very rarely do I turn down an offer for dinner or drinks.  Very rarely do I tell someone I am not interested.  I have been on a number of dates, and have the stories to back it up.  But you guys insist on setting me up on more blind dates.  I have a friend, I know this guy…

Do I scream desperation?  Because I sure in the hell don’t think so.  I have been able to find my own dates for the most part.  So I asked one of you.  Do I really seem that desperate?

No, was the reply.  You are just a really cool chick, you are one of us.  We want to see you with someone great.

Just what every girl wants to hear…that they are just one of the guys…

One of you wants to set me up with a medic from the city.  Another one with a firefighter in our MABAS division.  I am thinking I may need to swear off firefighters…it’s all I have gone out with (since it is all I know) and it hasn’t gone too well…

Thanks guys for trying.

Love, Esme


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